Jul 16, 2011

Bubble Milk Tea+Chiong K!

 This is how my holidays look like. XD

#1 Addicted to bubble milk tea recently, zomg! Thx to the hot weather. 
Ohyea, BM was having super yummy Lohas that makes me crave for it so much! Irresistible!

#2  Another addiction, Chatime @ 1st Avenue. Zomg

 #3 A week after the exam we date with Fionnie! 
Having lunch together, shopping session and some gossip session, a must during girls date.

#4 And yea we having dress code on that day and everyone dress alike! Love love!

#5 With Fionnie and Mag! 

#6 Fionnie and Jingle!

#7 Having Chatime again in Queensbay after lunch.
Although we were full and super cold sitting inside Chatime, bubble milk tea still a must! LOL
We were loyal customers!

 #8 Honey lemon aloe, all time favorite! It's better than milk tea and I super loves their aloe vera, like so crunchy and bouncing!

 #9 So this Tuesday, we have another date again, chiong k! Tsk tsk
Camho with Teresa and Jingle babe!

#10 Excellent camho skill that can fit 5 people in one picture. Credit to Jingle!

#11 Mag and Fionnie! Mag have Rapunzel hair and Fione have super black and silky hair! And I look like nothing squeezed between them. T___T

#12 Robito fans!  White one cantik pun cause pink one no more d. =(

#13 Another Robito, so happy and I bought it right away from Padini. Too bad the ring was kinda big for my fingers. ;( However, still love! xD

 #14 I called it the combo of pictures! Super love. Going to do more next time. Tsk

#15 After chiong k we went to Sakae to fill up our tummy then Chatime again!
Gurney is having a new branch of Chatime, this is so awesome!
So we having Chatime again. LOL

#16 Gossip session with chatime and that's end our story. LOL

Holidays that full with bubble milk tea. End up having bubble milk tea 5 days in a week. WTF
Imma going to have bubble milk face! LOL

Thx for reading xiexie.

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