Jan 2, 2010

1st day of 2010

I had spent my 1st day of 2010 with my secondary school classmates.
Sounds interesting when I got the invitation from Jo Leen.
We got VVCC, Joshua, Yam, Jeremy, Daniel, Ze Kun, Jo Leen, Kinnery, Sherry, Lee Theng and her husband, and me. :)
We were like ages did not meet up each others.
Kinda miss the high school time. :)
Especially when VCC created lots and lots of funniest things in the class. Hahaha...

Before I start jumping back into 2 years ago, let the pictures do talking.

VVCC, we had given the new name to him.
Vincent Voon Chian Chern. VVCC.
He had a big stomach, ordered two plates of fried rice. Hehehe...

While all of us were busying talking and sharing.
He was actually busy with the 2 plates of fried rice.

Well, he managed to finish them up at last. :)

The girls.

Kinnery and Jo Leen.



Me, the blogger.
After the tea break, we decided to go to Sunway Carnival.
Sunway were freaking crowded yesterday.
Meet Oh Chang Phang at the car park too.
We were waiting VVCC for withdrawing money.

Self shooting again while waiting the rest to come to Noodle Station.

Me and the going-to-be mother. :)

Sherry Teoh~

Ze Kun.

Thanks to Lee Theng's husband for being the driver.
We should hang out some more in future.
It is good to sit down and talk about the past. :)
I misses the tambai years.
3 years, time flies, I guess next time when we meet each other will be on someone wedding dinner. Hahaha...

Next Monday are going to take my results. Omg...
I always fear to the fact. ><>

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