Jan 10, 2010

Genting Trip-Second Day

Here comes the second day over Genting.
I slept till 10 and my appointment was on 11. =.=
Anyway, glad that it had been delayed till lunch time. :)
After having our breakfast(Bak Kut Teh), went for BR.
Then only we met up the team from Genting and Haunted House.

Finally the case had been settled.
Anyway, just sorry sorry and sorry from them. Hem!
There was some story behind the story.
It was complicated and I am not going to pull myself into it.
Just let it go. I got back what I want and I do not wish this kind of incident happen again.

I just having a bad dream in the morning.
It was similar to the case. It sucks! Torturing.
Argh!!! Get rid of me please.

They offer me to go Ripley's and the Haunted House again.
Well, I just accepted the offer to go into Ripley's.
Haunted House will be the next time I go to Genting.
I am glad that everything go on smoothly in the discussion. :)

Anyway, I am still phobia to so-called-nangka and any stranger man who walk close to me.
By the way, an experience gained.
Be smart and tough.

Here are those pictures taken in Ripley's.
They even have penis. =.=
Touch them when you feel want to pregnant.

This is nice. This had been made by crystal stone.
But it looks more like the bling bling stuffs I used.

Ed Thardo, at age 64.
He is awesome.

Mini camera, less than 1" square.

This beans are 1100 years old now.

Don't spit on sidewalk.
I love this idea as I hate people spiting.

Masjid made from matches.

This had been used to kill prisoner. So cruel. ><
The jail door. =.=

Look into it.
They put a fake human inside one of the door.

The old old shoes. Look ugly...

Torture techniques used on the suspected terrorists.

Cat and Horus had been mummified.
They are more than 2000 years now.

The mini coffin and coffin patent.

This 2 looks like coffin too. =.=

The pictures made from human hair.

The prehistoric Magalodon shark, it is huge. O.O

A man saved by watch.
Just like the Conan drama.

I have no idea what are they. :P
Anyway, I liked them.

The mask worn by young girls during initiation rites into adulthood at Africa in ceremonies dealing with hunting. =.=
It is so huge and heavy.

This was actually a real human skull.

Right: The women of Padaung tribe in Burma.
Left: The women of the Djerma tribe of Southern Nigeria, Africa.
Right: African "Ubangi" women.
Left: Liu Ch'ung, born with double pupils in each eye!
This was kinda scary and let me remind back a scary ghost movie.

The big big chair~

The torture chair.

Dentist's chair that specially created for children.

The lucky chair.

The shoes worn by Robert Wadlow, the World's Tallest Man.
Omg, the size was 37AA!!! Damn big...

Dwarf of ancient Alexandria, Egypt.

A giant from Memphis, Tennessee, USA, Willie Camper.
His hand was damn big. ><
Click to enlarge.

West African Jet Fantasy Coffin.
The 19th century silver cash register from American West.

Made from over 5000 toothpicks, weighs only 4 pounds.
It can hold a ton -2000 pounds- of bricks.

Mirror time. :)
Fatty shorty~

Looked like dwarf. ><

Part television, part music box, part sewing machine.
Its called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Visi-Vision Machine
This were stick from the real books. At first I thought it was like a plastic display.

The fake mermaid., the combination of monkey and fish.
The tridacna gigas clam.

Fossil of fish.

The tree squirrel.
Tiny chair.

"The Blue Vase"
It was created in a toaster from 56 pieces of ordinary white bread.

The tallest man-Robert Wadlow.
I see him like the way I am look up to the sky. Damn tall.

Mirror mirror~

Before go out from the Ripley's.

Met up Chris after came out.
I did not really take into the words he said.
After the talks, we went back.
Again, I want to say, the driver's driving skill are sucks!
The uncle drove damn slow. It makes me arrived my home at 9.30p.m.
Sucks. I have no enough time to shower and fill up my stomach before meet up my friend.

Tomorrow will go back to Penang and start my new semester.
The assignment had been given and I have no idea what it is about.
I skipped 2 days class and now have to work harder.

That's all for the post.
Might have less and less time to blog start from next week.
Anyway, will try to update my blog frequently. :)

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