Jan 2, 2010

Say bye to 2009 and say hi to 2010

Hi readers, I am back again. :)
Happy new year to all of you.
A new year, a new begin of life.
Gonna set some target for 2010, or else I will be nothing like 2009.
2009 was a bad bad luck year. :(
I was having lots of troubles and obstacles.

Target for 2010:
Settle the molest case as soon as possible.
Earn at least 5k by my own.
Graduate my diploma on time.
Change Casey appetite back to childhood time.
Straightening my hair.
Stay smart and pretty. Muahaha~
Stay on 19th forever~ :P *I don't wanna to be 20th, it sound so old.

Hey people, I am not staying at Greenland anymore. :)
Moved out from the hostel d.
Clean and clear~

Making some pizzas for my hubby. :o
Tuna pizza, yummy yummy~

After that headed to Penang with my hubby.
Plan to catch a movie but the queue up was damn so long. =.=
At last we went for shopping instead of queue up in front of the cinema.
Saw this stuff at Nice Day.
Damn ♥ it.

The last last day of 2009.
Headed to Jusco with my 2nd school friends. :)
The hang out time is limited but I still enjoyed it.
By the way, it was a lucky day.
The Japanese restaurant forgot to count my food inside the bill.
I saved up to RM10 because of that. Hahaha~
I got a real real Cornetto Mc Flurry.
Last week the Gurney Malay gave me a melted Mc Flurry. Damn mad.
I am a big fan of Cornetto Mc Flurry and I am proud of that.

At night, headed to get BR at Jusco.
Queue up so long just for 2 basket of BR.

Then headed to Auto City with my brothers for the countdown event.
Took hours to find a proper parking place.
Finally we got a super VVIP parking place on nearly 1200.
We parked on the middle of the road. Hah...
Sound stupid and reckless but there was super duper serious traffic jam over there.

First time shooting fire cracker by my pinky.

A very simple celebration for me.
Stayed me on 19th please. ><

Happy new year people. :)

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