Jan 9, 2010

Genting Trip-First Day

Halo people, here goes the Genting trip.
No doubt, I skipped the class on Wednesday and Thursday. :P
I got reason one lah OK.

Damn mad while waiting the stupid bus at Juru Toll.
Honestly, I never seen a hare-brained driver before.
Argh, I am too mad till I shouted on the driver SO STUPID. =.=
You know what, I was actually waiting the bus before the toll.
The bus late for nearly one hour and it stopped after the toll.
How stupid was the driver huh?
Me and my hubby have to walk far to get the bus.
I can't hold on my temper and I just shouted out loud and scolded the driver when I stepped on the bus.
Nenek, this is the service given by SIN PEN!!!
I swear, this will be the last time. It is sucks!

The driver driving skill sucks too!
I felt damn headache on the journey and it was fucking damn slow.
Their charge were expensive than others and I thought the service will be good.
Argh, damn unlucky.

Finally, we arrived Genting on 5a.m. *I guess so.
So glad that we finally arrived and no more headache.

Grabbed our very first breakfast at Marry Brown.
After that we went for some walk.
6 something we went to MCD to fill up our stomach again. =.=
My very first time, MCD happy meal. :P

By the way, I hate the honey and I love the toy car.
We continue to walk around until 9a.m.
Damn boring for waiting the time pass.
Then we checked in and came down to purchase the outdoor ticket.
People were lesser compare to last month. :)
No need to queue up so long for the games and also very soon, we finished almost the games and have no idea what to play next. :P

The sun is damn big big and hot. =.=
So we went for caterpillar train.
Just 4 people in one trip. Damn quiet.

My hubby looked so pro in this picture. Opps~

Sunny day.

Pirate ship.
I tried this once, damn horror. Shout till I cried.

The most terrified. I have no courage to try at all.

After that we went for ferris wheel.
I know it sound childish, but I liked the feeling of no shouting while hanging in the air.

The blogger.

Went to dinosaur land.
All were Malays and only two of us were the Chinese on the boat.
The carps over there were in such a big size.
I guess the tourists feed them well. Ahem...

Self shooting before the swing game start.

Back to hotel at 4 something. Damn tired.
Searching for dinner after resting.
Burger King will be the choice then.
Yummy yummy~

After that went to purchase movie ticket. Hehh...
Watch bodyguard at 10.30p.m.
We bought premier seats and the size of the seats just like GSC normal seats.
Premier seats come together with popcorn and soft drinks.
Nah, the so-called popcorn and soft drink.
Size were so damn small lah wei.

The popcorn had bring my teeth back to braces memories.
It is too hard to bite and it makes my teeth ouch...
Anyway, the movie is good and again service sucks. =.=

Here were the view from my hotel room.
Kinda nice, facing the outdoor theme park.
Will heard people shouting in the early morning. Hah...

Not much pictures taken as no mood. ><
The first day in Genting, the second day will be updated soon. Everyday will be a busy day. *Tired.

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