Jan 23, 2010

Haunted School

Ding Dong~
I am back. Finally I have the time to sit down and blog.
Every day attended class until 6.30, jam with everyone else on the road.
Damn tired. After dinner already very late.
Not much time left for me to do my things.
Just having my PM test on Thursday.
I hope my answers are correct and wishes to gain as more marks as possible.

Lets talk about Friday.
We stuck to our plan, headed to the ghost building again.
I liked to go the place like that.
No why, no curious, just wanted to see "their" living environment. :P

Tadaa~ Here is the building.
I think most of the people would know what is it.

Looks like going to collapse.

The Shih Chung Primary School.
Constructed before 1893. Kinda old
It was the home of Cheah Tat Soon, the first four-story private residence in Penang.
1917, it was converted into Bellevne Hotel and Raffles-by-the-sea.
1920, it housed the Shih Chung Primary School.
However, based on the record, it suppose to be converted into a hotel again.
It is hilarious if someone said want to convert it into something.
There were residents inside it for years, maybe decades.
People not even dare to walk close to it.
How to have renovation with it?

It looked great in the past.

I did not went into the building as inside are too dangerous.
There will be glass or woods fall down at anytime.
"They" will attack people too...
Feel wanna go inside so much, but forbidden by my hubby.
He said "they" were too dangerous for us.
By the way, who went into inside before? O.o

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