Jan 23, 2010

Nyonya House

Actually this post should be posted on last week. :P
It has been postponed till today due to too much photos to be uploaded and the turtle speed of uploading.
Anyway, this post are more to photos. :)
Last post was about heading to the ghost school.
We cannot go into the building and finally I gave an idea of going to this location-Nyonya House.

I was craving for such a long time to go there.
Especially after watching the little nyonya drama.
RM10 per person.
It was kinda worth it as I spent almost 3 hours inside. ><
Shooting shooting and shooting.
Here are some of the photos taken inside the house.

The view of the dining room.

The so-called tok panjang. I think so.
I think this place is renting out for family dinner.

Looked like a ghost inside the picture.
Anyway, I loved the color.

Behind me were all the nyonya plates.
Didn't look into it so much, skipped~

I loved this room. Simple yet lovely.

Playing chekki~
Correct me if I got the wrong spelling.

I am so so so in love with this mirror. Can I have one?

The married couples room.
The way they decorate was terrified.

This was where the baby sleep last time.

The nyonya shoes.
There was one shop in Penang are still selling them.

Huge mirror.

Pinky stuffs~

Outside the balcony.

Another horror way of decorating.

The wardrobe are so so so unique.
Somehow, I don't have the comfortable feeling while saw it.

A huge living area.

This is another room full of clothes and wardrobe.

This one looked much more normal.
Omg, the old cosmetics box!

This is cute.

A small walkway behind the house.
It is so green~

The draw on the wall. Not hanging but on it.
The kitchen.
Click to enlarge.

Type of water filter in the past.

The VIP room.

After that we walked through the corridor and get to the praying place.
It was kinda beautiful.
However, bats were flying everywhere over that building.
Their shits were all over the place. Disgusting.

We were totally forgotten to top up the parking tokens.
Luckily those polices were off on that area. :)

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