Jan 22, 2010

College Life-6th Semester

Hihi~ Back again.
Sorry for neglected my blog so such a long period.
I am busy yet lazy. Ahah...
Anyway, will try to be hardworking on my Blog. :)

Chinese New Year is getting closer and I still could not feel it.
No too much new clothes for this year.
I spent too too too much in these few months. Sigh...

Here are some photos taken during last week.
I just free from my test and break for assignment.
Took all the photos from Jingle at last.
We love to take photos.

So bored.
Recently Mr. Moses was keep on asking me questions in the class.
I am from science stream.
So there was actually nothing to be surprised when I answer I don't know.
Anyway, marks given.
So I will shut up my mouth and give him the answer.

Anyway, just a short post for today.
Stay tuned.
Will update again in few days.

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