Jan 4, 2010

4th January

Hey people~ Back again. Hehe..
Just back from college. Finally I got the last semester results.
I was freaking nervous while on the way to college. ><
Li Ching was the only one who so calm... =.=
I admitted that Microeconomics are really tougher than Law.
I am glad that I passed the 4 subjects. :)
I hate fail, I got once and I told myself will never ever get myself into that again.

See, my face looked so confidence. ><
Actually I was scaring of the moment of looking on my result sheet.
However, Jingle was the one who help me look at my result. ><
I have no dare to look at it.
*Jingle, thanks for telling me I passed the Micro.

Few days ago, I had bling my stuffs again due to boredom.
Clips~~ Hehe...
Sherry Teoh, I wanna get more and more cheap bling bling~

Yesterday went to Gurney with my hubby.
I am totally broke now. :(
Spent too much recently, I have to work harder to fill back my pocket.
Bought a set of Skin Food product. It cost me RM300++!!!

Anyway, I got the lovely diary book and calender from them.
I loved the diary book so much, it is just too cute~
Gonna use it wisely. :)

Everyone was inducing me to buy the Skin Food product instead of Face Shop.
Some of my friends was sensitive to Face Shop product as the chemical used was too strong.
But the Face Shop toner was really attracting me. :P
However, thanks for the suggestions and I finally bought them. ><

Will have less and less time to update my Blog after this week.
Do miss me people. :P

Gonna off to Genting tomorrow.
I hope everything will go on smoothly.
Be strong and tough, facing the fact and reality with courageous.

Wish me luck. :)

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