May 31, 2010


Good morning everyone.
An early update today. =)
Actually I type it on yesterday night lah. Lolx.
I just done part of my assignment.
Feel relax a bit now, but there is still a lot to go.
Statistics assignment will be on Tuesday. Big sigh.

I don't really know what those format crap about.
Kinda not sure, so worry about it.

This week will be the busiest week for me.
Tomorrow gonna to do my shopping and prepare well for the big day. =)
Hey people, no aeroplane OK.


Briefly update and this is what I wanna to share with you guys.
Some hilarious photos found from FB.
Some are ridiculous and stupid. Lolx.

This is kinda creative.
But do women own so many kind of butts?
Spot the wide load.
Walao, some more got bumper, pancake, standard tissue? lmao.

I beat this boy suppose to be cute without photoshop.
If he is real then I am sorry. :0
This is so creative.
Bitches are always bitches.

If I could found this magazine I am going to shoot it like this too.
Korea magazine...
They are creative.

Click to enlarge.
This is so ridiculous.
I wonder which scientist so funny come out with this conclusion.
Eat booger is good for health? Walao eh...
Some more said it is free. zzz
Does he/she ever do this everyday?
Some more encourage children to pick their nose and eat their boogers.

Thumbs up for the level of writing.

This one is the continuous one, click to enlarge.
Read it and you will laugh till your ass off.

Hey, couples, beware of this.
Wtf kiss for 24 hours could pregnant?!
Said what sperms come to brain and ovum will come out from mouth. wtf.
Bull shit. Stupid research.

Who ever saw the name will still pay a visit?
Mahai=expensive. =.=

I wonder this road sign are really assist.
So ashame.

After apply, you will short plug.
By the way, I never see this kind of medicine also.
This is so zomg cute.
It like having a think eye liner at the bottom eyes.
Being too fat was not a good thing.
300 pounds... Wow.
Just some sharing with you guys. =)
Have fun and enjoy your day.

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