May 30, 2010

Assignment Week

Assignment week-Disaster. Omg.
I was cracking my brain so hard to get whatever shit about Hong Kong.
However, I am working hard on my blog too.
Can't you see that?
I update my blog everyday now. =)
But I think I would be busy a little bit on next week.
So I might be not so free to update my blog.

No matter how, stayed tune because I might update if I miss my blog.

Let's come back to the week.
Everyone was working hard on International Marketing assignment.
So do I, and my group member.
We met up every Thursday for the assignment at Coffee Bean. Lolx.
We are Bean lover. =)

This time was due to my craving for English breakfast tea latte. =)
I loved tea latte so so so much.
But b just don't like it. He said he hate tea latte. =.=
Everyone looked so shock when I put cream into my tea latte.
After they all tried, it was yummy. =)
See, although look gross but it was awesome!

Ohya, Thanks to Bell for the treat and also those praises. =)
Thanks leng lui~ xoxo.

See my happy face like a little girl gets her ice cream.

Kittie, while she can't access the internet.

Headache mood. Lolx.

I always love the huge mirror in Coffee Bean.
It suits every girl for photoshoot.
I want a huge mirror for myself too. =P

Teresa~ Sa Sa sa~

Kittiya a.k.a Pongchu~

We went back on 12.30a.m. and we went to Clear Line for super late supper.
It was my suggestion again.
I know it was not healthy but it's been a long time we did not hang out for late supper d.
Left me, b, Teresa and Bing Yi.
Me and Teresa ordered roti canai which was also in my craving list.
B and Bing Yi ordered rice.
Super duper big potion. O.O

I beat Vivien would like to go Clear Line and everyone agreed too.
There got lots of abandon cats!
They even fighting for foods, very fierce that kind.
They all in black, orange, grey, white....
What colour also got lah.

But that place was kinda scary.
Maybe it was late, and those Indian boy like keep on staring on me. =.=
I think I better go Abu next time.
The things over here was nice just I feel so insecure.


The next day, Friday.
Shopping with Teresa and Mag.
Sorry Mag, we were late. ><
Shopped at F21 and Padini.
It was my very first time spotted so many items in F21.
But so bad, I did not buy them.

Me and b continue to walk in Queensbay after Mag and Teresa went back.
Ching came to find me just to say hi. Lolx.
She was in Queensbay too.
Ching, asks your bf to wear beach short ya. =)

Then Vivi came to find us and we had our dinner at Sushi King.
Eventually, three plates of sushi could fit my tiny stomach.
After that we chilled at Starbucks.

See, like boh kam buan nia. =P

This is the normal one. Love.
We should snap lots and lots of picture you know.

Just 3 pictures and he said I am tiring of posing. =.=

I should start my shopping now before it's too late. =)

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