May 29, 2010

Pictures and Photos

My ss photo again. Lolx.
Those pictures were taken after I came back from outside.
Cam whore to kill the boredom.
Anyway, my photoshop skills sucks and I was just to lazy to edit them.
No edit OK, just cropping.

Then I start to get bored of my face and I asked Casey ss with me.

The first picture taken with half of my face.
Casey like lmao, mummy ki siao again.

Then the second one.
He just can't stop moving.
Sorry for the quality of the picture.
Casey looked so silly!!!

Third one taken when he started to get bored and wanna find something fresh.
So he kissed me. =.=
Again and again, NG too much time because of him.

After I scolded him and he started to get mad and wanna get rid of me.
He just can't stay quietly and posing with me.

Then the last one. Fed up!!!
He don't like photoshoot.
See, he just want to run away. T____T

I just found out that Casey really scare pineapple and watermelon. wtf.
I got no idea why and he just keep on barking at them. =.=

Anyway, it is 2a.m. now.
I am hardworking in updating my blog.
Ohya, I saved my assignment in Microsoft Words 2003 and mine lappi was in 1997 version.
Fml and I can't open it. Urgh!!!

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