May 22, 2010

Princess Day

Hi peeps~
Love my curl?
I did it myself, with my hello kitty electric hair perm.
Sound impossible but it is possible. =)
I got a electric hair curler from Lesasha, but I don't really know how to use it.
It is a bit different from normal hair curler.
Some more the stick is kinda fat for bigger curl.
My very first time successful curly hair.
I did my make up and my hair on yesterday within 1 hour. =)
Clap for myself, I am improving. Muahahaha.

Kittie said I looked like a princess yesterday. Lolx.
Thank you kap~

Met up with Kittie, Celine, Bing Yi and Suk Yi yesterday for lunch.
Brunch for Bing Yi. Haha.
B dropped me at Amelie Cafe and he off to settle his working stuffs.
I kept on urging Bing Yi and Suk Yi while they are on the way.
However, they late for at least half an hour!!!
I was waiting alone in the cafe with National Geography magazine. =(

Anyway, staffs from Amelie Cafe still recognize me although I did not go there for quite a long time. =)
Amelie changed quite a lot, I mean the deco part.
I did not bring my pinkish along that day so all photos were taken by Kittie.

They even changed their menu with more awesome foods.
See, the menu was so cute.

Credit to Kittie.

This was my order.
Mix fruits cake with ice cream.
The homemade ice cream was yummy with a little salty taste.
The cake was awesomesauce!!!
The top were crispy and there were mix fruits within the layers.
They put quite a lot of jackfruit in the layer.
Sound weird but it is so damn delicious!
This cake could beat any cake in Secret Recipe.

Celine with her food.
I have no idea what it call.
Mix fruits with ice cream on the top.
There got jackfruit, banana, watermelon and apple I guess.

Suk Yi with her ice cream.
I forgot the name, it was ice cream with many kinds of nuts.
Look similar to Secret's fiber cake.

Bing Yi ordered oat porridge. I think so.
After the porridge he ordered the combine of Suk Yi order and my order.
The boss were so good.
Their foods were flexible.

Everyone satisfied with the foods. =)
However, Amelie still hot with Malaysia weather.
Sweating while eating.
I should tell them the idea of having one air conditioner. >< While waiting for Bing Yi in the bf's car. We got nothing to do so we cam whore again~ Winks~

We were shocking each other.

Erm... I don't know how to describe this.

Then we went to Gurney because I need to buy eye liner from Sasa.
My heavy rotation was out of service!!!
No choice, I have to choose to use another brand.
I hope it is as good as the previous one.
We got no idea where to go after that. lmao.
Then me and Kittie suggest to go to beach. =)
Yeah, we loved beach.

Bing Yi were emo-ing.

Sunset Bistro chicken wings were awesome.

Kittie, me and Celine.

Not ready yet. =.=

I was like ahhhhhhhhh when the sea water came. =.=
I scared the water would wet my dress.
It would be prefect if b bring alone his Nikon yesterday. =(
This picture taken during I was nom nom-ing my chicken wing with b.
Kittie said she purposely took this. kam xia kap.

I loved this one. =)

Felt so sticky after back from beach.
We having our dinner at Sri Ananda and we bumped into someone.
I was so full and can't even finish my own food. =(

B bumped into one Japanese customer who present him chocolate before at Coffee Bean. Muahahaha.
I think she didn't recognize him.
So I suggested b to go and say hi to her but b refused to do so.
Dropped by 100 yen and bought some cute stuffs.

Thank you to Bing Yi for dropped us back at Gurney.
Thank you kap. =)

That was my day, Kittie said we should hang out more. =)
I agreed with that.
So where to go on next week? O.o

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