May 4, 2010

Monday With Bad Luck =(

I guess this would be another lame post. Wakakaka~
All these are about my Monday.
So sad for the whole day as everything gone badly. =(
Bad luck spoil everything. Urgh...

Woke up early in the morning and went to college with Li Ching.
Everything goes smoothly even for the coursework. =)

After that we decided to went to Tmnet to info about the students packages stuffs.
The uncle sat at the counter keep on say no no no and no to me.

So, he told me I could not sign up for that plan. fml.

Pissed off with him and I decided to search the form myself.
This was a mistakes.
Inside the office were full of people!!!
I got no people to ask where to get the form. =(
So I was giving up and back to the car. ><

Then we headed to Pragin Mall for our lunch and did some shopping.
Lunch at J.L. Gourmet Cafe.
The foods were damn nice and Gigi was addicted to them. Haha.
So this was my suggestion to get Ching here. =)

We were the first customer on that day. =)
Ordered our food and chit chat while waiting for our yummy.
Anyway, that place were hot!!!
Their air conditioner did not function well I guess.

It is just a ice water. =.=

Snapped by Ching while I was talking.

Then our foods came, so do other customers. =)
My fish and chips.
Looked OK and not challenging at all.
The sauce was damn nice!!! I ate two mini plate of them. =)
However, the fries was so so only.
I don't like fatty fries as they are not crispy enough.
Overall the fish was nice and it mix well with the sauce.

This one was Ching's.
Don't know what fish cooked together with leek.
Ching said it was damn nice. =)

My mistake again for looking down at the fish and chips.
They were too much for my tummy!
I can't fit them all. =(
And I wasted food again. *Piak piak.
I thought fish and chips would enough for my tummy.
End up exceed. Food wasted.

Meanwhile, during our yummy time.
A little monster climbed up the wall.
Both of us were so shocked and we freezing and looking at that thing like O.O
I keep on telling Ching that I will scream if it fly down.
I did tried to call the staff come but she did not see me. =(
End up watching it climbed up up up to the ceiling until it disappeared. =.=
Goose bumps...
Next time I wanna sit in the middle of the restaurant.

Then we headed back to Butterworth to renew our IC.
This was a mistake too!
This was my number. 26 numbers to go.

We waited more than one hour and our number skipped!!!
Then they said is our mistake. wtf.
Two number skipped in a short while? Possible or not?!
The whole process just needed 10 minutes and we waited for more than one hour.
Their service was bad and terrible.
They could talk to other people while the customers are in front of them.
Pissed off with their service and it spoil my day.

Try to get over to government clinic to ask for vaccination injection.
Then they said finished d. =.=
So headed to Ching's bf house and met up her dog.
First time met her dog, Pui Pui.
A bit fatty and he is cute!
He likes to travel, motorbike or car also ON.

He wanna climb over and Ching was trying to stop him.

Ching said he likes to look to outside. Look emo. =.=
Arrived home and rest after shower.
Dressed up myself after dinner and headed to Auto City.
Usual hang out with my bestie and Vikram.
Chilled at Boston.

Ss with my tired face. Oh no...

This expression was damn funny.

My bestie-Sherry. =)

Something unhappily happened all the time. =(
It spoiled up our mood because of someone.
I never thought he would be someone like this.
He did disappointed me.
I guess I would start to stay apart from him.
Sorry to say that, I want no troublesome.

We decided to take photo outside after our chilling session.
Many mosquitoes inside Boston and I was itchy!!!
They ran out of my favorite drink also. =(

I don't know why I keep on laughing and laughing while taking photos.
I noticed that some people who passed by us laughing too. =.=
What's the matter huh?

He was acting cute!!!

I still short compared to him. =(
I loved people saying me I am tall. Wakakaka.

He claimed that my pinky's anti shake did not function well. =(
Actually it did.
Your hands shaking too serious. Haha.

Sherry and Vikram.

Three people fit in a photo. =)

He was doing some funny things.

Ouch~ Bery good~

Back to home about 0000 and online to book movie ticket.
Iron Man 2 on Thursday night with b. =)
Some people said Iron Man 2 was sucks. Lolx.
But the trailer looked damn nice la wei.
I want to watch losers too. Anyone watch d?

B back from KL d and I missed him so so so badly. =(
A day without you was a mess.

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