May 8, 2010

Crepe Cottage

Update update update!!!
Been really busy recently.
Having test and assignment recently. T__T
Just done the statistics assignment.
It is omfg tough!!!
I don't know why I could do well in tutorial but not assignment?
My brain was jam and hang like I suddenly don't know what all that symbols mean. wtf.
Totally exhausted after the assignment.
Why I always like to do revision after test or whatever assignment?
Then I will realize tmd I should do it that way.
Urgh... I hate myself.

6 May
Dinner with a bunch of friends after Thursday class.
It was my suggestion to dine at Crepe Cottage.
I never been there before.
Their cottage designed restaurant attracted me few months ago when I passed by it.
Their menu was so variety.
They got a lot of good foods, soup, noodles, desserts and drinks.
But I just get myself a chocolate dessert as I was full.
I ordered it because it got my favorite almond nuts, hazelnut and chocolate syrup.
Slurp~ Yummy yummy~

This was Bing Yi a.k.a. Pinky's meal.
Some sort like lime fried chicken. lmao.
Taste good but I don't like lime.

B ordered seafood pasta.
This was awesomesauce!!!
I seldom like pasta with white sauce.
But this one really attracting my appetite.
However, I still wondering, why it taste a bit sour also huh?

Picture time~
Kittie with her yummy licious meal.

Suk Yi and Kittie.

Me, the blogger with my awesomesauce dessert.
Nom nom nom.

Trying the seafood pasta.
Everyone said it was nice. =)

Snap snap while taking turn to go toilet.

I was in a mess.
No doubt, I was lazy to make up and ban leng leng.

Pinky- Penang Jelutong maid. Muahahaha.

Called up Jingle and we met up at Sea Wind beside Naza Hotel.
I am going to take back my words this time.
When I first came to Naza beach I thought that Sea Wind was too ulu(rural) and I even asking b "Got people come to this place meh?"
Now I am the one who going there. fml.
That place was creepy, inside were so dark.
Not really like that place. Still prefer Sunset Bistro although their service thumbs down.

The only picture taken.
Asking the posing the same pose.

Their drinks are really cheap compare to other place.
How good is it if there is people selling shisha.
But there got motel only. =.=
There have a lot of cats. Meow meow meow~
There got a lot of insects too.
See these, the ants were moving fast. They came for water. omg.

After share some creepy story at creepy place.
We went back. =)


7 May
Woke up in the afternoon. Yea, afternoon.
Called up Bing Yi to go to Amelie Cafe for our brunch.
So unlucky that Amelie Cafe closed for that day. =(
Idk what happen.
I am craving for their food for a period of time. I miss Amelie~
Then we went to eat chicken rice.
B's favorable chicken rice in Penang.
I was late and sorry to all of them for waiting me. ><>
Chilled at Coffee Bean while waiting the rest to come.
Bumped into lots of people in Coffee Bean.
So coincidence. =)

Erm... Idk what Teresa looking at. lmao.

Bing Yi and Daniel were comparing which one have fair skin.

Suk Yi looking at videos and pictures in b's phone.

Like really bery interesting. Lolx.

They were looking at the previous me!!!
Suk Yi even said the one in the phone was not me. =.=

The sweet couple. Daniel and Kittie.

Went to cinema at around 5p.m.
Couple couple~

All in pairs. =)


This movie are not bad.
I wonder why people keep on comparing Iron Man and IP Man?
It's two different kind of things.
Iron Man more on technology and IP Man more on traditional.
For me, both of them are awesome. =)
They deserved the same rate.

Dinner at Thai restaurant after movie.
Idk what's the restaurant name but their services was good. =)
They keep on asking us want to add rice add beverage or not. Lolx.
However, their portion are small compare to others. Hmm...
Suits me. Yeah~

We ordered the green curry.

Kang kung with sambal.
This was super duper spicy. O.O

Then we got fried eggs with vege.

Another one tomyam goong. I forgot to snap it!!!

The couple-Prof and Teresa.

This one looks creepy. @.@

The blogger and the bf.

Helmet Chan.

Overall their foods and services was OK. =)
But the portion was a bit small. ><>

Have a nice day and good luck. =)

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