May 25, 2010

The Top 10s

Changed the blog music to my recent favourable song.
I am addicted to Angel's Cry recently and I felt that the lyrics were so touching.
It tells people to appreciate love. =)

Being busy recently for an event.
Actually I never been inviting so much people to a party before and I am scaring that I might ruin up everything. Lolx.
Anyway, hope nobody will fly on an aeroplane that night.


Sharing a shame news with you guys.
It is really a shame, scroll down and read them. =)

Top 10 countries creating the most negative environmental impact.

This is a new study released by University of Adelaide Environmental Institute of Australia.
Click on the tittle for reading the news.

The 1st country was Singapore!!!
Wtf, I thought Singapore was the cleanest country ever.
Maybe their high technology ruin up the environment.
But still unbelievable, they don't simply throw rubbish like Malaysians leh.

The 2nd country was Korea!!!
This one I got no comment because maybe their population are too much so the percentage of producing rubbishes also high.
The following picture shown how busy is the Korean.

The 3rd country was Qatar, an Arab emirate in the Middle East.
They ranked 3rd.
Maybe too much deserts.

The 4th country was Kuwait, a sovereign Arab emirate situated in the northeast of the
Arabian Peninsula.
Arab got two awards now from here.
Too much big buildings, so negative.
You can see it from the following picture.

5th country was Japan.
The produced too much kawaii stuffs, so negative. Lolx.
Actually they involved in too much packaging on products I guess.
Packaging are costly and for some using plastics like snacks, so not environmental friendly.
However, I still love hello kitty. =P

Thailand ranked number 6th.
See, too much people and too much cars.
I always felt that Thailand was hot and messy.
Sorry ya Kittie, no offense.
I think this is a praise also, you see the people driving here and there like mad crazy but they never caught into an accident.
Impressive driving skills.
However, Thailand always involved in political issues. Sigh.

7th country was Bahrain, a small island country in the Persian Gulf.
Saudi Arabia also. =.=
See, third awards.
Luxury always bring negative impacts.

Here come the 8th country. What a shame...
No doubt, it was Malaysia.
See the picture taken for our country also full of haze, like we are having some serious environment issues. Wtf.
What cause these? Malaysians' good habits of throwing rubbishes everywhere.
Maybe we lack of education or we don't understand education.
I wonder why people like to throw rubbish everywhere.
Night markets, kopitiams, toilets, gardens, rivers, drains, traffic light areas and etc.
Everywhere full of rubbishes.
Malaysia should work harder on environment rather than quarrel for authority.
Oppss, sensitive issue.

9th country was Philippines.
Nice picture~

The last in the top 10 was Netherlands.
See, pictures selected for them were looked so nice.

I was wondering how come the U.S.A or UK doesn't rank in the top 10.
And how come Singapore ranked number 1?

I think we should be proud of ourselves for not being the number 1.
Like phew, number 8 is better than number 1.

People should carry more environmental-friendly bags or paper bags rather than plastic bags.
Anyway, just want to share a news with you guys. =)

I got to stop here now.
Need to shower myself and start my assignment.
Good night people and good night. =)

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