May 29, 2010

The Abandon Dog-Snowball

There was an abandon poodle in our college recently.

Jingle and I just saw it on Wednesday when we wanna went back home.
We called it and it ran away.
So we thought it wanna go back to it's home.

Then Vivien told us this poodle was abandon for 2 weeks on Thursday. O.o
If we know early then we would bring a lot of doggy yummy come.

It was pitiful, see the tears scar...
I beat it missed it's owner so so much.
Maybe it lost or people abandon it.

It was a boy, so cute~
It was kind of middle size of poodle.
He was so omfg cute. Talented than Casey.
He knew how to pose for photoshoot.

He even know tricks!!!
Give me hand and he actually responded to our statement.

Found his future in his eyes when he saw us.

Discussing how should we save him.
He was so pitiful.
Most of us already got a dog and we can't keep him.
So Vivien took him home and ask her auntie whether she wants him or not.
I hoped Vivien could find him a good owner.

Trying to persuade him to eat something because he was so slim!!!
I got no idea how he get survived within two weeks.
Pitiful enough...

Why people wanna abandon their pet after they decided to take care of it?
They got only 10 years to see the world.
And people are so selfish don't want to share their 10 years time with them.

Don't abandon your pet like nobody business.
You are such a jerk if you did that.
They got emotions too, they will get hurt.

p/s: Casey bang himself into something on this morning and his forehead are bleeding.

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