May 15, 2010

Ah Sa and Li Ching's Birthday Celebration

May are birthday month.
So many people born in May and birthday celebration just go on like running water.
Teresa(14 May)
Li Ching(16 May)
My sister birthday(19 May)
Yy's bf birthday
Sherry Teoh who was my bestie(26 May)
Of course not only these people.
More and more coming up after that.

OK, back to the topic.
Ching and Teresa's birthday were near, just different 2 days.
So we decided to celebrate sekali gus.
Not a bad idea you know, more people more fun. =)
Teresa had reserved tables for our dinner at Sri Sawadee, a Thai food restaurant located at town area.

So after our whole day class, went to b's house shower and dressed up myself.
While on the way going back, b was hungry.
He said want to eat char koay tiaw, so he went down to package.
That char koay tiaw was very famous.
That uncle fried them by using charcoal, a very traditional way.
His ckt (short form) more spicy compare to others.
I would says that this was the only one nicer than the tiger ckt.
No photo taken because I was waiting inside the car for 25 minutes!!!
Just for a pack of char koay tiaw!
See lah, how famous is the char koay tiaw.
Anyway, I hate waiting and I keep on calling b to give up his ckt while he was waiting patiently. =P

Headed to fetch Ah Ching up after I done. =)
Straight went to Sri Sawadee, the Thai yummy restaurant.
I wonder why their restaurant got only us for dinner on that day.
Their foods were yummy and service was great too.

After everyone arrived then we ordered.
Many of us were starving due to whole day class. =(
Fruit juices, tomyam, fried sotong, fish, kangkung and chicken.

Actually I ate quite a lot on that day but not really full.
Idk why, maybe my appetite getting bigger?

Nom nom nom.

After nom nom, girls start to cam whore. Lolx.
See, poor prof waiting for us. Haha.
He was like what the turf these girls are crazy and he keep on dar dar dar.
See, even Kittie and Celine were busy.
Poor prof. ><

After calling and calling still nobody came over.
So he decided to work out himself.
Spot the background, girls still cam-whoring.

B was busy too.
Shooting here and there with his Nikon baby.

See, Helmet with Teresa's dc.

Xiao Ying's turn.

B's turn.

Bing Yi a.k.a. Pinky!!!
Bing Yi, you looked silly. ><

Li Ching, Mag and Shin.

During cam whore break then only we back to here.
Tauke even helped us out. =)
Cleaned up the table for us and bring out the cake after we finished nom nom.

The birthday cake.
Ching said the side deco looks like dumpling skin.
She phobia to wan tan mee. That's why...
She ate the cake, but not the dumpling deco. Haha.

Happy birthday gals~~~
21 years old d, can marry d.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Li Ching and Teresa
Happy birthday to you

Cake time~

Cutting the cake.
Prof cut, Ah Sa passed to us. =)

After break for the cake.
Then we continue to shooting again. =.=
Girls just can't apart from camera.

Addicted to dslr.

Me and my b.
It's been ages we did not take a photo of us.

Teresa Wong, with her birthday cake.

Ah Ching with her birthday present.
Those words were written by Theing.

While we were posing, Bing Yi ran towards us.
We scolded him and sue sue him away.
He wanted to show Suk Yi those tiny insects which were fans to her.

Legging girls~
All of us were in white. What a coincidence.

Sweet couple.

Once in a blue month Ah Ching would take photo.

Helmet Chan with ribbons and favorable green background.

Group picture.
Those tissues were annoying.

Daniel and Kittie.
Cute couple. =)

After nom nom we decided to go for second round-Bed at Pulau Tikus.
Actually we planned to go Sunset Bistro but we cancelled due to raining.
After settled down.

Xiao Ying and Suk Yi in green.

Kittie with her ice cream.
She is such a ice cream lover.

Ah Ching, another birthday girl with her mix fruit ice blended.

Group picture.
Nice shoot by the bf. xoxo

Theing and the blogger.
The mix fruit ice blended was fab, but after mix up with beer it taste yucks.
Beer+Mix fruit=Medicine taste. Yew~

Pokering and beering were our activities then.
B taught us how to play the card games.
Like everyone hold a card on their forehead by facing the number to others.
Then everyone take turn to fill up the beer glass.
Biggest number or the smallest number got to drink the beer, either one.
After filled up the glass, then everyone put down their cards.
Then the one who hits the lucky number would have to drink.

Simple games but I was in such a bad luck!
Mag was the luckiest one.
Next time when she go gambling I will just invest on her. Hiak hiak.

While waiting for the games start, ss again.
Loved the colorful lighting in BED.
See, how colorful am I.

This is the proven of Helmet Chan smoking.
See See SEE!!!
Bad girl.

Teresa:Wah, not again, I can't drink anymore.

Then the hero came. Muahahaha.
Drink all on behalf of Teresa. Claps~

Birthday girls yam seng.

It was so torturing to upload picture.
Line sucks and unstable.
I uploaded those photos since yesterday.
Actually there are more picture for 2nd round.
Refer to FB for more pictures. *I need a break.

Streamyx sucks.
4mbps for RM88? I know it's true but the line will more unstable compare to 1mbps.
I rather slow a bit also don't want keep on restart modem and reconnect.
Cheat people one. =(
I nearly wanna sign up for that 4mbps package.
However, those package only for 2 years. Blah.
The only attraction of this package are the hp netbook.
Whatever lah, I prefer Asus or Apple.
So, forget about the plan, and continue complaint about Streamyx.

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