May 2, 2010


It's gonna be a bored week again.
No doubt, this picture photoshoped because I was using 2.0 mega pixels camera.
Few weeks ago my mom was away to Vietnam and I got no camera to use.
So I try on my phone camera which I haven't been used for a long time.
Surprisingly the camera function well.
Still remember this photo?

Spot the date at the left corner.
This picture was taken by my 2.0 megapixels phone camera. Wakakaka
I am so proud of it.
Just have to choose the correct angle and location(preferable sunlight place).
It could bet my 12.1 megapixels sony camera.

So, don't ask me to change cell phone.
Because I love it too much although it will short plug once in a blue moon.

Btw, I saw a SE hello kitty phone in Pragin Mall few days ago.
The price are really surprising me.
At first I thought anything with sanrio license would be omfg expensive.
Then the promoter told me it cost only less than RM400.
I was like WHAT?
First thing comes into my mind was: Original or pirated one?
OK, I admitted I am realistic.
Then the promoter started to explain to me about the phone.
Original... Only one SE with kitty design... bla bla bla...

Then Gigi started to approach me to buy.
But then no use, I am not going to buy it. Hahaha.
It's too cheap and I think it is easily to break down.
I always believe 一分钱一分货, which means the higher you pay, the better quality you get. =)
My nails are cracked recently.
Never been this before and I think it cause by nail polish.
I used nail polish for few months non stop and this is what I get. wtf.
How to cure them? T___T

Visit a manicurist?I think it's costly. Hmm...
Buy some nail care product?Any recommendation?
Stop using nail polish? Oh no... I can't make it.

My face condition are getting worst too.
Especially after period. Pimples coming out like nobody business and I hate them.
I got no idea why this would happen as I don't have these kind of symptoms before.
I need more masks...
Or maybe I am in puberty? O.o
That's the reason why the pimples poping out now?
OK... I am thinking too much.

Ohya, finally I got my favorite lace legging.
Thanks to my friends for the suggestions. =)
Lace legging on affordable price. Woots~
Although b help me to settle the bill but he was not happy on seeing me so happy because of the legging.
He said he don't like lace legging. =(
He don't even help me to choose or comment anything. =(
Trust me b, it is nice~~~ =P

B was going to KL for training.
I am going to be bored for the whole week. =(
And this is why this post been posted.
A bored post. ><

Anyway, a hot Sunday.
Stay at home, seeing Casey sleep like a pig.
It is so bored... =.=
I think I should start my reading as it is May now.

I better away from my lappi and back to my study desk.
That's all for today peeps.

Have a nice day everyone. =)

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