May 15, 2010

Weekly Update

So oh my gosh that I have neglected my blog for 1 week. T.T
I should self-examine myself. =(

I am still going throw the same things like last week as usual.
Nothing much changing. Everyday gone through the same things.

Having international marketing test on Wednesday.
I did pretty bad. =(
I did not prepare for it and I was lazy for the whole week.

This was a late post.
Wanna share few photos with you guys, which taken during 2 weeks ago.
Shooting while we got nothing to do at Times Square.
Although there was so blank, but it was damn hot.
Sweating like hell.

Here goes the picture.

Hope b could improve his skill kao kao and help me take a lot of nice picture. =)

Short post and late post.
Gonna off to shower due to the hot weather.

Stay tuned for the coming up post.
Teresa and Li Ching's birthday celebration. =)

Bye peeps.

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