Apr 17, 2010

Casey and Shelly

Let me introduce the cutie first. =)
Shelly- Casey's first girlfriend who is a mini pincher in black, a dog by my neighbour.

She is cute and she love me because I always feed her ho liao (luxury foods).
Whenever I call her name, she will climb up to the chair that near to the wall.
Then looking at me with a very tension expression. Haha.
Sometimes, when I came back home, she will turn up to welcome me too. =)

She came to my house again today.
Casey fall in love with her in first sight.
But now he seem like got another girlfriend and boyfriend.
But somehow, he still love her. Haha.
Bring out Casey's dog food for her.
She simply love those food and Casey treat those like nothing. Fml.

She was craving for yummy with a very sympathetic look. ><

Eat in a rushing speed. =.=

Then Casey come: Why you eat my yummy?

Shelly: Away from me, or I will attack you!

Shelly vs Casey.

Every time when Shelly come my house, she will definitely not forget to do these:

Pee at my house!!!
I guess she drink lots of water cause she pee like this amount:

And pang sai!!!

Casey always follow her whenever she go. =.=
I don't know why dogs like to smell butt.

Smelling at my hand. lmao.

I had made a video of Casey.
Will post up soon. Stay tuned. =)

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