Apr 7, 2010


This picture doesn't really look nice.
Or maybe I should says it is sucks. Lolx.
Anyway, just posing it or else I don't have pictures to upload here.
I seldom use my camera nowadays.
No mood to snap photo. Maybe Thursday would have. =)

Get back to my day.
I found that my English sucks from day to day.
I keep on having mistakes and need people to tell me what's wrong with my sentences.
Whatever, please keep remind me so that I could learn more. Haha~
I am so sick with my time table.
I am so tired by attending class from 11a.m. until 6.30p.m.
Finance and Statistics are driving my crazy now.
I need to work hard on them. I don't want to fail~~~

Stop complaining and start your first step. ><
I chosen for these and I desired for them. FML.


Last week went to watch "How To Train Your Dragon" with b.

That movie was so freaking damn nice~
Even b also said it is nice. (He seldom watch cartoons)
I loved toothless. =)
It is so cute and naif. I loved pets.
I would like to say that this movie are better than Alice.
Alice just like fairy tales, and this more related to reality life, just we having different pet from Hiccup.
Fairy tales for dreaming only. Haha.
It would never been up to reality life.

Ohya, one more good movie to share.

"Clash of Titans"
At first I wonder why so many people wanted to watch for this kind of waring movie.
After I came out from cinema I was like wow...
Nice movie man, I loved it.
Thumbs up for it.
Want know how nice it is?
Go and watch it, then you will know. Hahahaha~

More and more movies are coming up soon.
Iron man 2, Yip men 2 are coming up soon!
I can't wait for them.
I got so much movie that haven't watch yet.
B, we should have movie marathon one day. Haha~

- Echoes of the rainbow
- Future X-Cops (I wanted to see Barbie Hsu!!)
- Being human
(Another Singapore movie by Jack Neo, I know he's sucks but I likes his movie)

- Iron man 2
- Yip man 2

I got to watch all of them before May because there are more good movies coming on May. =)

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