Apr 14, 2010

College Life/Prediction Comes True!!!

Wednesday, 14th April today.
The weather was freaking hot, feel like baked by the sun.
I just took a 10 minutes nap due to hotness.
Feel so headache when sleeping in the hot afternoon. WTF.
Can't survive without air conditional.

Last post was about sickness and now I think I won't get fever so easily.
Still having cough and running nose. Hmm...
B already recover from fever~ Woots~
Both of us fell sick at the same time. =.=
To prevent myself continue to follow the fall sick procedure, I drank lots of water and again I went to toilet frequently.

Having statistics 2 assignment yesterday and I found that my statistics so bad!
I got so many question that I totally don't know how to do. FML.
I was still torturing and yet the assignment driving me crazy.
However, thanks to my group members who completed it on time. =)
I got no idea how come my statistics become so shitty.
I guess I need to put a lot of hard works on it.
After the assignment, today I got financial management test. =.=
All come together. So tiring.
Luckily I managed to done my revision on time.
However, I got not enough sleep due to certain reason. Sigh...

Anyway, all of them had passed and I wishes I could get 8/10 correct in my finance test.

Here are some pictures taken during last Thursday marketing class.
It's been a long time since the last time we taking photos in class.

Take 1.
Wei Keat so fake.

Take 2.
He still pretending and Bing Yi's expression was funny.

Jingle bell jingle bell~

We continue steamboat(previous post) after classes.
I felt like we have not much chance to hang out in a big gang since few semester ago.
Beside that, this was the last year of the course.
Appreciate every single outing with them. =)

Still remember the tarot reading I mentioned in last month post?
Omg, the predictions were damn true!!!

I still remember she asked me whether I got wrench my feet before or not.
I answer no, slightly wrenched before but not serious one.
Then she told me better to be careful when wearing high heels.
I still remember last time my spinal pain due slightly wrenched.
I planned to go for doctor that time but I didn't make it at last and spinal pain for one day then back to normal. =.=
That was all before the prediction.

And now, I wrenched my feet again due to Casey and high heels. WTF.
Urgh... Casey was the wrong doer.
He blocked my way and I accidentally kicked him and I bended my feet.
Yet, he still keep blocking my way and he ignore my pains.
At first I thought was bleeding a bit only.
Then after shower, the scar comes out and became like this:

Black and blue on my feet. wtf.
It is pain!!!
Thanks to b for the ice compression.
I shout liked nobody business in the night because of the compression.
The picture was taken after ice compression.

The prediction comes true. T.T
My feet still pain and I think it is wrenched again.
I scare there will be side effect in the future. (walk with crutch)
So I decided to go for acupuncture tomorrow.
I hope they could cure my feet. =)

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