Apr 24, 2010

Casey's New Toy

Hi peeps, I am back again.
Ok, blame me for being not punctual. =(
The same reason again, I am busy, seriously.
I just finished my individual assignment.
Due to some reason, I was busying on outing recently.
I think karma gets me and I am sick again!!!
Sneezing and coughing and I got serious nasal sound whenever I speak. fml.

However, here are the video I promised to upload.
You know what, it took me a very long time!!!
Blogger video can't work so I try on youtube.
Manatau it was so time consuming. wtf.
I tried it for few times in a day and finally, it is done. *Cheer~

He scared the ball and he was actually trying to cover it up with blanket by stepping himself on the blanket. =.=
I felt so funny whenever he try to cover something he don't like.
He did covered his foods, toys, rubbish that he stole and many more.
I think he scared the ball because he never seen a ball that same height as him.
He even try to ignore the ball by pretending did not see it.

*Scroll down for the video.

However, he burst the ball after 3 days when it came to our house.
Yet, he felt so guilty for killing it and he don't even dare to see it. Haha.
When we asks him did you do it?
He will show his innocent look with ears lying down and watery eyes. wtf.
Just like he was objecting I don't know it will become like that.

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