Apr 17, 2010

Hello Kitty ♥

Friday was fabulous. =)
I loved to hang out with b.

I woke up in the morning as usual cause I don't want b mumbling on waiting me again.
However, he was late for like 45 minutes.
I just asking him why he is late and not mumbling. Haha.
Plan to go to Old Town for breakfast but change my mind at last minute.
We went for dim sum at UMNO building there.
I always prefer the dim sum at my taman which ran by my relatives.
Their dim sum was the nicer and fresher ever. *Thumbs up.
Anyway, I don't go there without my mom. Hehe...

After that we went to Times Square.
I wonders there will be any changes since the last time I visited.
So disappointed that most of the shop had closed down. =(
Inside was so so so quiet.
It doesn't look like a brand new shopping complex but like the one going to close down.
Feel so pity to those employees who working inside there.
They must be very bored facing no customer during working.
I saw Hello Kitty perfume poster at there but I couldn't see any.
Maybe they lock them in a cupboard.

Went to Sunshine in Times Square as I haven't been there before.
At first I thought Sunshine was lame and bored.
But I was wrong!!!
I saw a lot of cute stuffs inside there.
Many different kind of wrap paper selling over there.
I loved DIY stuffs.
They bring up my D.I.Y. intention. =)
Ohya, I never knew what would these cutie be until I read the price tag.

These were serviettes!!!
My first expression was WAH~
These were too much luxury!!
I loved all of them and I feel wanna to bring them home when I saw them.
Then b pop out and wash my brain. =.=
However, they are not cheap you know.
RM4.50 for like 20 sheets. lmao.
Serviettes selling at this price. Haha...
Which girls are going to purchase them and use them like regular premier tissues?
I guess none. ><

I bought these cute stick noted.
There got variety of designs with chio colors and the price was damn cheap.
I will start to use them and stick all of them in my house.
*Spot the strawberry one. Mad cute!

Then walked to the foods and drinks part.
They selling foreign products too with non-halal on the top. =.=
Saw Taiwan products, Japan, China and many more.
Japan products always take off my attention.

There I found them.
Kitty stuffs again!!! Love~
Kitty lips candy from Taiwan. Wee

Mad cute!!!
Of course I bring it back. Haha.
Say yes to kitty. =)
There were 2 more different design with different flavour.
This are grape, another two was apple and strawberry.
I am going to purchase them when I finish this one.

Then I spotted this.
Hello Kitty cookies!
I just can't resist from them. ><
RM6.50 for it. Mad love.

After this, movie time. Claps~
Booked 'ice kacang puppy love' at Queensbay.
* Sorry I can't find their poster. ><

This was a local movie by Ah Niu.
Fish Leong was in also!!!
Mom's friend daughter also in.
She was funny!!!
This movie was great! Just like when we are small.
Gary Cao Ge in the movie was damn funny!
Don't miss this movie, it is awesome.

Finally I bought the double eye lids from Sasa.
Now my mission was learn how to use it. =)
I guess I will use less fake lashes after I know how to stick them on my eye lids.

Went for don't know what acupuncture.
Not effective one. So lousy.
Yet, wasted money for that. =(

Meet up the two couples at night.
Shisha at Istimewa. Woots~
We used to have infinity of topics to share whenever we meet up.
And I am addicted to shisha now. ><

When will be the next time?

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