Apr 26, 2010

A Tale of Mari And The Three Puppies

Wanted to share a very good and nice movie with you guys.
I think some people might know about this movie.
It was 'a tale of Mari and the three puppies'

I saw the trailer before at Facebook and omg it was so touching.
Watch trailer already weeping. Watch the whole movie?
*Scroll down for trailer.

It was a movie that based on a true story that happen in Japan on 2004 earthquake.
There were news about Mari and those were evidence.
She was too much loyalty to the family.
Her legs was bleeding and she still working hard on saving the old man and the young girl. T_____T
*Stop thinking or else I will weep again.

I think pps will have the movie.
Try to search it out and you will definitely sobbing or even cry out like me.

Thanks to Gigi for borrow me the DVD.
I just can't control and I burst into tears for the whole movie. fml.
I not dare to watch for second time.
I might be dried due to excess dehydration after watching again. =.=

I think I love my pet too much.
Dogs are always the best friends to human. Agree?
I definitely agree. Although they will naughty, they are protective!!
You just can't doubt on their loyalty.

I post up the trailer and I am not even dare to watch! wtf.
People who have pet would understand me.
It is the same theory apply to human, you can't leave the one you love most. =)
Dogs also have sentiment, don't think they are stupid because they can't talk.
Dogs express their feeling through their eyes and actions.

The movie was great.
I can't imagine how many people will cry in the cinema during the time when the movie launching.
Sobbing and sweeping in the cinema.
Go and watch it, it was a true story!

*Stop thinking about the screen!!! FML

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