Apr 3, 2010

Shin Wern's Birthday Bash

This post are all about the party night.
Theing had organized a surprise birthday party for her darling, Shin Wern.
This girlfriend is damn good lah wei.
I wishes I could have a partner who can plans up everything for me. =P
Ok, I am crapping. *Slap myself.

The party was held at Flamingo hotel, which Theing had decided to choose that after done a lot of research and surveys.
Actually the hotel was quite beautiful and their services were not bad too.
We almost late for the party on that night.
Blame on the raining day and heavy traffic jam.
It took us more than 1 hour to go to Flamingo from Gurney. FML.
I was so careless that I forgot to bring my fake lashes gum.
You know I hardly could survive without my fake lashes nowadays.
Thanks to Teresa for lending me the gum.

Idk exactly what time the party start.
Shin Wern arrived the venue with thought of celebrating birthday dinner with his love one only.
He frozen for few second when he stepped out from the lift.
Yeah, succeed for the surprise party.

According to Theing's rules, everyone have to be in white except the birthday boy and her. Eww~
That's why everyone was whity in the picture. Lolx.

Cake time after buffet.

High rated picture for the night.

Then we got group photos.
Looks like a big family. Lolx.

Guys part.

Girls turn.

Then everyone start busying with cameras.
Flashing flashing in the lobby. Lolx.

The blogger and her bf.

Shin, Teresa and Jingle.

With Jingle.

Teresa. =P

Then we went for second round as planned.
Luckily I was not involving in that spraying surprise.
Bing Yi accidently spread on me and the things was so gross and smelly.
That thing was so sticky, disgusting. =.=

This two were matchmaker of the day.
Walao eh, make the whole birthday party like wedding dinner. Lolx.

Next time who ever get marry find them will do.
They can do better than those aunties. Haha...

They done the speech part.
Read out all the birthday wishes. Funniest part.

Then we got hand over the glass time. Lolx.
Looked like wedding dinner nia.

Idk what they did, playing?

You are free to think whatever they were doing in the picture.
Only Yong Kang not yet drunk and he was hugging two drunker.



Suk Yi and Xiao Ying.

Wee Sin, Suk Yi and Xiao Ying.

Have a great night with all of them.
I got some videos at my camera but I haven't post out yet.
Should I post it on Facebook? Lolx...
Btw, people are doing a lot of funny funny things when they get drunk.
I can't stop myself from laughing that night.
Too much funny part. Sorry~
Here are just some part of the photos.
For more photos please refer to Facebook.

Btw, congratulation to Shin Wern for the wedding..... Oppss.
Sorry, is congratulation to you, you are officially 20 years old now. =P
Hope you won't mind what we did on that night. ><
Last but not least, happy birthday to you. =P

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