Apr 3, 2010

God Bless You

Hey dude, so sad to hear the news.
May the God bless you and do not love you more than all of us.
May the God allow you to stay back with us.
I might not close to you but I knew who you are and your talents could just save hundred thousand of humans in the future.

Chew Shi Long, a medical student from USM.
Have an accident while on the way back from KL to Penang.
Click here for the news.

I could not found any English news so I linked from the Chinese newspaper.
However, the reporter did not mention clearly about the victims.
Boycott that stupid konsodium bus company!
You hire such a stupid driver to drive bus? Are you crazy?
You are going to pay for it!
Stupid company! Stupid konsodium!

My mom told me this incident when I back to home yesterday.
He was my neighbour and also a friend to my brother.
He was a talented medical student.
The stupid careless driver were so tmd kns nut.
Did you ever knew you just destroy a future doctor?!
Run away as far as possible as you can, or else you will be chopped into pieces!
You are such a jerk!!! Karma will get you one day!

People, please bless for him. Please please please.
I believe who are studying in medical field would know who is him.
He is a good guy, good son and a good student.
Why always the bad things must fall on a good people?
God are just being unfair! He did nothing wrong.

I could not even imagine how his mom accept the truth.
The world is so cruel...
Currently he is in Penang General Hospital ICU.
His is having serious injured on his brain and doctor has taken out his brain to frozen in the fridge.
He still in korma now...

Here is his Facebook.
Please God, don't bring him away from us.
We need him and the whole society couldn't lose him.
We need him seriously.

May God bless him.
Praying hard, buddy, wake up please, everyone are waiting for you.

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