Apr 15, 2010


Why people having so many kind of different culture?
Why just can't be union and everyone practise on the same culture?
Accept the same things and reject the same things.
Then the world will be in peace, no wars, no objections, no demonstrations.
When Obama said go for green then everyone would just accept the concept and try to be as environmental friendly as possible.
It is kinda nice you know.

People in the USA wanted their children to be independence when they are teenage.
Their parents urging them to move out from the house and renting house alone at outside.
They left their children expose to the society and be independent.
This is their culture.

At Malaysia, it is kinda impossible to be independent by that way.
Children are not suppose to leave home except further study when the location was too far away from home.
There will always be negative thinking when hear about M'sia children move out from home.
The positive one would only be two:
Further study or getting married.
If you are too rich or your parents have to much houses and they don't even care which house you stay in, then good. =)

People will ask WHY when a teenager say want to move out from home.
The first question will be: Your parents torturing you isn't?
If the answer is no then people will say you being crazy for moving out instead of staying with family.
M'sia parents would think their children are rebelling and not filial to them.
Narrow minded?

So weird...
Anyway, I don't think Malaysia people could afford housing loan with that kind of amount of salary.
That's why teenager don't have the ability to stay apart from parents.
Besides, transportation in Malaysia are freaking expensive.
Don't even think to get a car if your salary are not more than 2k.
Why? Culture lur...

I think Malaysian should change their culture a bit.
Especially in paying and spending.
Paying should be higher than spending.


When could I have my own car?
When could I buy a house?

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