Apr 11, 2010

Brithday Celebration

Hey people, I am back again.
I was busying for the whole week again. Sigh...
I got on idea what to blog about... ><
Feeling very unlucky recently.
People are always untrustable, they used to be liar, especially men.

Skip that, I do not want to talk much about those not-so-worth stuffs.
Lets blog about Thursday, busy and enjoyable day.
I was having class marathon as usual from morning until evening.

I was so careless that I forgot to bring EBT notes to class.
Feel so bad and that cause me could not pay attention in the class.
No more next time!! Urgh!

After the late statistics class, we went to Swensen at Tanjung Tokong for late birthday celebration of Theing and Yy.

Birthday girls were late and we start out steamboat first due to hungriness.

This time their tomyam soup was delicious. =.=
I think they heard my complaint and they start improving. Haha~
Last time I always do not want to go Swensen for steamboat because their tomyam was so plain and no taste.

We all miss flame when talking about steamboat.

Nice effect from Suk Yi(Helmet Chan).

Girls start to take photos when they are full.
Me and Teresa~

Bing Yi face.
Zoom in for laughing~

Do not whose suggestion to wrote birthday wishes for Theing on tissue paper.
The wishes for Thieng. =.=

All was about one bird two eggs. =.=
Pictures time~
Zoom zoom zoom~

Jingle and me.

Mag and me.

Group picture~

Present time after steamboat.
Present and birthday card for Yy.

Present for Theing.

She forced to take picture with the "present".

This was how the situation look like when Theing open her present. Swt lor...

One more special present for Theing.

Yy with her present.

Last but not least, the birthday girls.

Went to meet up another gang of friends after steamboat.
3 couples as usual and we chatted till 12a.m. Lolx.
So nice to hang out with them although I didn't speak much. Hah...
Feel so tired for the whole day. ><
Men are liars.
Don't ask me why it's just the nature-to-be.

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