Apr 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

See, I did update my blog as frequent as possible. Muahaha~
Last week was really a busy week.
Outing too frequent and I am sick now.
Sneezing and coughing. =(

I think this was taken on Tuesday before went to Statistics class.
Still got some time before head out to Jingle's house. =)

Then these were taken on Wednesday.

Wei Keat were too bored in the class and he did some drawing.
Poor Jingle's bottle.
He made the kitty look evil!!!

She just remembered and erased them today. =.=
Poor kitty.
Wei Keat like to mess up those little cute characters.
Last time he pirated my cute bear on my notes.
Look so oh my gosh.

This week was char koay tiao week and you know why?
Because I ate 2 times char koay tiao in a week!
Some more is the same place. =)
Anyway, we loved the char koay tiao and we even admitted that was the Penang most delicious char koay tiao.
The uncle recognize us and even gave us discount.
I can see through his eyes, he was very happy on our visit after he moved his business to a new kopitiam.

As planned on Wednesday, me and Ching went to Winter Warmers for our breakfast.
My brother tagged along too. =)
One of nangka over there was trained well.
He even apologize to me when he couldn't understand what I want.
I think I can't say all the nangkas are bad cause there are polite one among them.
Order the sandwiches set as I missed their sandwiches so so much.

My coffee. I don't know what was that coffee and I think it might be instant coffee cause it really taste not nice.
I felt headache after two cups of them. wtf.

I am kinda addicted to coffee nowadays.
I can't keep my eyes open without coffee. =(
But then some time I will having insomnia if I take coffee.
Nescafe definitely can't cause insomnia.
Espresso would cause insomnia even though they mix together with milk.
Espresso+milk=my favorite latte
However, I really need coffee to fresh up my morning.

Egg sandwiches.

Marathon class for Thursday and I was exhausted after statistics class.
After dinner outing again.
Met up Gigi, Xin Hui and Lim Pek at Istimewa.
They liked to gather at here because the shisha over here are cheap.
Having double apple shisha over there.
Taste not bad but Gigi them don't like it.
We talked until 2 something then headed back. T__T

By the way, I am still wondering what is pojek.
It was a tamil word but I do not know what is the meaning of pojek.
I felt like want to ask the Istimewa staffs but I scared it was ccb meaning.
So I didn't ask. =(
*Still curious.

Skip Friday and let's talk about Saturday night.
Mommy was complaining that I am outing too much recently.
Lim Pek gonna fly to Singapore soon.
So we decided to have our last hang out before we say bye bye to him.
Hang out again... Duh...

Having our dinner at GoodAll which located opposite Bing Hua.
First time been there and the food was so so only.

Headed to Sunset Bistro to meet Gigi and Xin Hui.
Then we shisha again. =.=

The person who sold shisha recommended us to have mango flavour.
But no mango taste at all, it is all mint only!!!
Mint were too cold for me and I coughed after sucked for 3 seconds.
This flavour was so bad!!!
Never order this again.

Smokers have no problem with this flavour.

I am too free and tie up my hair.
Look like kampung girl.

We ordered chicken wings. It was nice.
Recommended by Xin Hui.

Vivi tried to stop Gigi from eating the wings. O.O

However, Sunset's services were totally bad!
We have to wait for the menu.
When the beers served, the staff was asking us whether we need glass or not.
We told them we need 6 glasses, then she said OK.
After that she just walked off and ignored our order!!!
What kind of service is this?
Then we got to get the glasses ourselves at the counter. wtf.
It is like after you pay they will not bother you anymore. wtf.
Their services was bad from day to day.

Pissed off with their services and we changed our venue to Church Street.

Gigi showing off his lansi-ness.

I am not sure where is it.
It was a small pub, don't know inside got what nice beers but sold out d.
So, we could only get those normal beers instead of their shop best seller.

I am not really like the place as I can't breath well due to smoke.
You can see from my camera.
Definitely not my cam lousy but that place were full of nicotine molecule. @.@
We even stopped smoker in our gang to smoke.

Went back early because I really could not stand the cigarette smell.
They said I was Cinderella because I need to go back home before 12. Wakakaka.
Then they keep on asking my bf whether his car has turned into cucumber or pumpkin or carrot or whatever vegie or not. lmao.

Anyway, best wish to Lim Pek for his new job.
Tell me whenever you fly to and I got a shopping list for you. =)
Kam xia~

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