Mar 22, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

When I first saw Lady Gaga from telephoned video.
I was like WOW~~~
Her hair is mad chio with those soda cans. Haha~
Many people would guess like what she wanna to tell from her fashion.
Some people commented that she is so environmental friendly...
Some people commented that is bull shit.
For me, that was mad chio~~~
Anyway, I am not going to learn from her in the dressing part. Haha.
Not dare to try to wear soda cans on top of my head and go out.

Penang government was launching no plastic bags day in July 2009.
It start off with one day in a week which was on Monday only.
Every 2o cents would charge on any consumer that asking for plastic bags.
That sound good at first.
People always being so forgetful.
Not much people will bring their own recycle bag to hypermarket/ supermarket.
Then they would blame for charging 20 cents or blaming the government comes out with this stupid idea.

Now the government had extend the no plastic bags to 3 days.
Means 3 days you can't get any plastic bag while you shopping.
So funny when you saw people hugging their daily stuffs walking in the mall.
To avoid this, I advised my mom to put some recycle bags in every cars in our house.
So that whenever she felt want to buy things she wont have to hug everything with only 2 arms.
Good idea right?

Some people even put a recycle bag in their handbag.
I didn't do this. ><
It will be too heavy for me.
I always asks for leng leng bag whenever I purchase atas goods.
Girls always like this, want for leng stuffs.
Normally they will give you one big and leng paper bag. Woot~
No plastic bags really could influence certain business.

Eh, but then I did throw over the paper bags OK.
I kept them nicely in my rack. :)
Sometimes I even glu back the paper bag when they are spoil. Lolx.
I am too kiam to throw away those leng paper bags.
I even collect some of those leng plastic bags, but never use lor. ><

See, Casey like to pee on recycle newspapers. Muahahaha.
Ohya, not to mention that he is 5kg right now. @.@
Wtf... He still gaining weight after one year!
Duh... I wonder how he could gain weight by being picky har?
He is the most choosy dog I had ever met.
So choosy but still can gain weight? Keat...

Btw, this post is suppose to be love the world. :)
Nowadays all people comes out with recycle products, recycle ideas, recycle events.
People just started to be greened. :)
Anyway, there is still some people falling sleep and don't have the acknowledgement of recycle.
For example, smoking.
I hate smoker. Hmm... Seriously.
When my bf told me he used to smoke before and I was like WHAT? Are you kidding me?
Then he faster explain he don't smoke anymore now. Haha.
I told him if you smoke again, I would be angry and don't want to talk to you.
Some smoker just throw away their cigarette whenever they go.
While driving, while chatting, while walking, whenever they go, they will just throw.
Damn mad when the driver in front of me throw the cigarette out from window.
So damn lo heng!!

Ok, back to the topic.
Now you can found lingerie made from recycled materials.
Sound so plasticity huh?
It just good and match for those environment friendly people.

New range Sloggi lingerie which called Loce World Love Sloggi was made from ecologically-friendly fabrics and it offer great comfort and a super fit for all day long.
Sounds good.
I surfed through their web and I found that their bras are so cute and variables.
Now you can saving the environment by wearing lingerie too. Haha.

Do visit for more information. :)

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