Mar 28, 2010


Feeling so hot while blogging although the weather seem going to rain.
Lets blog about my day.

Friday I got no class and my b date me out. Winks~
Planned to have dim sum for breakfast but my mom ppk us at last minute.
So I suggested to go to Old Town.
I guess I was falling in love with Old Town bread.
Anyway, their services still disappoint me. Sigh...
No change, they still served my bread cold.
Next time I should told them I want my bread warm after I order. Haha...

Make fun in Old Town.
Good good day for us. :)

Planned to go Queensbay for movie but I turned right at the edge of bridge. =.=
So we went to Gurney cause lazy to turn back to Queensbay.
We watched early movie that day. :)
Not much people while buying tickets but still need to queue up.
How come they only have 2-3 counters open for purchasing tickets?
Some more one of the counter were having problem with the card transfer payment.
I could not imagine how long is the queue at afternoon if these continue.

Green Zone at last.

Overall the movie was so so only.
The story was about the war between Iraq and the USA.
Not too good and not too bad, but bored.

B took economic rice as his lunch but I didn't.
I was craving for Mcd. Lolx.
Anyway, my lips turned into O shape when I just stepped in Mcd.
How am I going to have my lunch in such a crowded?
Oh gosh... People mountain people sea in Mcd.
So sad... I rather give it up than squeezing together in Mcd.

Called up Amelie Cafe to see weather they still have any set lunch.
Luckily they still have. :)
Headed to Amelie and surprisingly in love with the tomato pasta.
Some more with cheese on top. Love~

Back to college after my lunch to print FM notes.
FM notes was fuggy thick!
I ran out my paper on Thursday so I continued them back the next day.
See, good student.
1 hour wasted in lab for those notes. @.@

Then b headed to somewhere and I got myself some fake lashes.

It was so damn cheap man!!!
People are selling RM5/8/10 outside and I got them at a very low price. Woots~
Cheer for myself~

Having our dinner at Secret Recipe before sending me back.
I have been craving for SR since long long time ago.
I don't get the chance to go there with my b as much as I want.
So happy when b said OK, we have our dinner there.
I loved Secret's cakes very berry much.


I was easily to get mad recently.
Idk why and seem like every little things could just pissed me off easily.
Waiting was my shortcoming.
People just like to ppk at last minute without inform!!
I was damn mad that I was being told that I can't go for tomb-sweeping and have to wait someone at home, ALONE.
I was liked an idiot waiting for hours.
Fcuk you all being so selfish and wasting my time.
I suppose to go out with my friend instead of being an idiot at home.
Last minute plan are just fcuking stupid and idiot.
I don't plan for last minute, I plans for next minute.
So don't ever tell me anything that might turn up into last minute plan.
Waiting are just pissed me off! KNN!

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