Mar 8, 2010

Casey a.k.a. Ge leng

It's been a long time I didn't post something about Casey.
Casey is a boy name, no more "How come you give it girl's name?"
I searched his name from web and this was the best I got, OK?
He is officially 1 year old now.
I guess so...
1 year, and he only knew how to sit and kiss kiss. T__T
Ohya, not to forget, he got a girlfriend, maybe can count two.
He is siao gao boh~~~

Hey! I did put my effort on teaching him some tricks.
He don't wanna to learn it no matter how.
I am so jealous to Jingle, ya, her dog, Shelly was so smart.
Some more, she won't picky.
Casey was the most picky dog ever in the world!!!
I hate him when he walked away without touching any of his foods.
Urgh!!! Some more my parents felt so sympathetic when he don't want to eat.

However, he is not stupid.
He knew every single things that we done and spoke.
When I said shower, not even to him, he will back off. Hah...
He knew when he did wrong and he will get punish.
He just don't wanna obey to us. Great soul huh?

This is how he looks like when get punishment.
Some dogs will cry or stay quietly by repeating sorry sorry~
But Casey won't, he will being fierce to us. =.=
That's why my sister and younger brother always got attacked by him.
He won't get bullied. This is the way he behaved.

This bone are really useful, to sharpen his teeth. =.=
But useless to remove his bad breath.
Anyway, he liked the bone and even sleep with it together.

Protected the bone to avoid anyone come closer to it.
Next time I am going to buy some chewy with mint taste.
He got such a bad breath. Bad bad bad~~

Stupid sleeping pose~
Actually he was just pretending.
Big nose, small face surface area and big ears.

See, picky lor.
Splash all the foods over the floor.
He only want those meat but not the rest.
He is just too pro in picking foods.

After some survey that I did, I found that most of the female dogs are more well-behaved and more easy to be trained.
Anyway, Casey are not bad cause he is special~ Hahaha~
If every dogs know how to play tricks then he will be a special one which is the one who don't know how to play tricks.

Ohya, people might ask me what breed is it?
Well, he was a small breed pincher.
Last time doctor was still confusing whether he is chiwawa or pincher.
Luckily he was pincher or else I am going to slap his mouth for braking like a crazy.

One more specialty, he knew how to bark like wolf. Heh...
Kinda impressive right?
I don't teach him that and he learn it from those homeless dogs.

He liked those smell-good-things.
He loved my lotions, my perfume, his own body shampoo.
He is so damn abnormal.
One more bad habit which I am not going to mention here. Haha....
He liked to steal certain things.
He was a dog a.k.a. thief.

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