Mar 14, 2010

Ah Beng Ah Lian

This was where the story happened at a restaurant.
Actually I do not wanted to go there but my bf was hungry.
So, sat down there and here comes the menu.
Ordered our foods and I was still in a good appetite.
When I started to enjoy my dinner, here comes the distraction.

There were a group of ah beng ah lian sitting at the middle.
Ah beng ah seng, ah lian ah hua, ah tu ah gao are usually define into the group of people who lacks of cultural refinement, excessively flashy and show-offish.
They like to show off every single things they have. Even their disadvantages.
Search from google, you will found that Penang is so famous with this kind of people.
See, how they spoil our reputation?

OK, back to the group I met.
They just looked like ordinary normal secondary school students when they didn't speak.
However, when they speak, not to mention speak English or Malay cause they only know how to speak obscene language.
They way the spoke and talked were so ashamed.
If I am other races, I might think that are Chinese teenagers are in this kind of so bad quality?

First, they spoke in chap pa lang obscene language.
It was so rude and fucking annoying.
We forced to listen to their so-called-yeng-language. (Idiot)
C*b*i in every sentences and the way they spoke wahlao were like everyone in this area must hear they said wahlao.
Purposely increase their volume whenever they said wahlao.
So proud ar to say wahlao?

Second, they spoke as loud as they can like they were the VIP in the restaurant.
OMG, I can't stand this.
What are they so proud of their cpl obscene language?
Must show off to people meh?
Restaurant you know, not kopitiam.
Please, keep that with your own gangs and don't spread this kind of super duper low standard of culture to people.
Respect yourself and others in public area OK...
This is not your kingdom, behave like the normal please.

Next time, if I meet this kind of gangs in a restaurant I would just change table or walk out from the restaurant.
There is no point for me to paid for torturing.
Mad annoying to meet this kind of people.
Why don't they pack themselves nicely with education?
More worst than lala zai~~

Ohya, one story about ah beng.
An ah beng went to Starbucks.
He sat at there without ordering for minutes.
He went to cashier when people telling him to order at cashier.
After he ordered, he went off.
And he said "bad service, some more have to order ourselves, next time don't want come d."

Laugh at him because he is ah beng.
(laugh laugh)

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