Mar 4, 2010

Chap Gor Meh

Celebrating my chap gor meh with a sudden thought.
Everyone were busy on the last day of chinese new year and I was rolling at home all the day.
My bf dated me out in the night.

"You want to see the float parade at night?" He said.

"Don't want lah, I am lazy to go out." I always lazy.

Then at last, I agreed to go watch the parade. =.=
I changed my thought and decision easily in front of him. Haha~~
One of the reason was my parents were going out that night.
2nd, my hubby will be going alone if I did not go.
3rd, since I am free also, just go wherever whenever he suggested.

After he fetched me, he drove back to his house because his mum cancel her appointment at last minute.
So, we went off together.

We were caught in a serious traffic jam in the town area.
People drove like crazy, cut wherever line that they want.
All traffic jam because of the parade.
We were smart people, we don't like to squeeze like a mix sandwiches with people just to watch the parade. Muahaha~
Then we headed to Anson Road to wait for the parade.
Credit to Joshua Lee for the information. Hah...
Having bak kut teh at somewhere near there while waiting the parade to come.

The float parade came when we almost finish the bak kut teh.
Actually that was my second dinner on that night. =.=
We faster walked to the middle road, ya middle road to see the parade.
See, the RELA were evacuating cars from coming in so that we could have the chance to stand and watch the parade on the middle road.

See, people were waiting although the weather were freaking hot.

Not going to evaluate much, just some low quality photos of the float parade over here.
Please refer to FB for more pictures. :)

This looked like space shoot or space ship.

Hey dude, you blocked my way.

They needed to stop those motorbike riders to pass through as the flowery car need a big space to turn the corner.

Those kids were like "TIGER! TIGER! Papa you see got TIGER!!!"
Kids really like animals. That's the reason why we got Zoo.

Just ignored the uncle. =.=

The god of wealth giving ang pau all the way.

Tiger with pairs of wings, which in chinese we called it 飞天虎

The nicer decoration float of the parade.

Real human being who stood on the float for hours without moving.

It was so green~

We got leopard(my favorite) and tiger.

This was the last one if not mistaken.

I know it is a spoil one with water dots.

Overall the parade were quite OK.
I met YY and Ze Kun there.
Luckily I am not RC member or else I have to walked 10km++ like YY. Oh Gosh~~
Sound horrible.
I told my bf, RC member should go and try the Penang bridge marathon.
That one also 10km.
I tried it once and I almost jump down from the bridge. =.=

There were more than 50 floats took part in the parade.
This parade was held only once in 12 years.
I watched the parade for almost 2 hours at there.
Hot and tired.

Those people who stood on the float will spread a kind of flowery smell water to people when they passed by.
I don't like that, it will spoil my camera lens and my picture quality.
See lor, the last picture, I beh hu siam.
I was like "ARGH~~~~" that time and all auntie uncle looking at me. =.=

Anyway, it is good to enjoy yourself in those culture event.
Last year was my very first time to watch float parade.
My bf turned his mouth into O shape when I told him last year.
I know it sound stupid and ah lian but it was my very first time.
Everyone should have their first time in everything what...

OK, I guess I will stop at here.
Going to get myself some cold drinks, the weather are killing me off.

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