Mar 17, 2010


Hey people, I am back again. :)
So bored recently and I am totally out of idea on deciding where to go.
Weather had slightly changing to warm.
Better than during CNY, freaking hot and people fall sick so easily.

This post are going to be a long post and full of pictures.
Take your time and do enjoy yourself.

Last Friday (12th March) was our 2nd years anniversary.
So bad lor b working on the day. =.=
So we postpone our outing or maybe celebration to Saturday and Sunday.
Time flies and we have been together for 2 years.
So hard to believe that I managed to maintain a relationship for such a long period for the very first time. :)
Clap for myself. Muahaha~

Sorry b I can't give you anything more than just a self made card.
I am broke after valentine. ><
A sincere and ordinary card from me.
Pinkish and bling. (Love)

I woke up kinda early that day and dressed up myself.
So that he won't mumbling when he have to wait me again.
We went to old town at Auto City to have our breakfast.
I hate to deal with Nangka, they just can't communicate. Ish...
They served me cold toasted bread. Damn!!!
Anyway, they microwave it again for me and melted all my kaya and butter when I requested the Nangka to serve me a warm one.
Old Town should stop hire those nangkas as they would bring down the reputations.

Then we headed to Gurney and decided to catch Alice in Wonderland 3D at last minute. =.=
Queued up and that time was nearly 12p.m.
I know that were hopeless to ask for the movie ticket on 12.30p.m. at that time.
However, miracle happened.
There were only left 2 seat place (reservation roll) for Alice 3D on 12.30p.m.
So damn lucky! Even the GSC ticket seller saying that we were so damn lucky.
Cause everyone wanted to watch that and can't get the ticket.
We got it on last minute~
I liked to be the good good luck one. :)

It cheered up my mood.
Then we went for some walked in the mall and bumped into Bell.
She was wearing white dress with slippers. lmao.
Chit chat with her then we off to movie. :)
Btw, congratulation to your brother.

Alice time~~~
First time watched 3D movie and the glasses they gave me was too big. =.=
It just keeps on slipping.
I wondered how the children wear?

I wanted to watch this movie so badly just because of Johny Depp~
I loved his movie after watching the pirate of the Caribbeans.

The red queen was mad chio and cute~
But she was so cruel in the movie.

Overall the story line was not bad and I kinda liked fairy tales.
The cinema was full of children laughing. =.=
So funny meh? Laugh till non-stop.

After the movie we went to Amelie to grab our lunch.
So sad and unlucky to hear that nothing much left for lunch when we arrived there.
Anyway, the chief made up his mind and made pasta for us.
If not mistaken was something like lime pasta.
Not really fall in love with the taste.

I got the very last brownies of the day as my lunch.
I loved their ice cream~

They have limited potion of foods everyday so that the foods was served fresh everyday.
So, if you wanted to taste them, you have to go earlier.
I was the lucky one to have the last potion. Lolx.
Anyway, reservation are available. :)

Night, Queensbay mall, where I met those ah beng ah lian.
Have my late dinner at coffee bean and chopper board.

After searching for the whole day, finally found jenga which was on affordable price.
Nah, looked alike to UNO one, but still a different from quality.
I don't even understand what the hell was the rules talking about.
So I will just play like normal jenga way.

Done a small research on toys the day too and now I know where to get good quality of toys at lower price. :)

Sunday (14th March)
Woke up as usual and showered my dog in the early morning. Lolx.
Not really early also lah, around 9a.m.
Then without any make up, went to Penang breakfast with b and his mum. =.=
Dim sum for the morning.
Anyway, I still prefer BM's dim sum. :P
Actually is my b asking me don't make up as I slept quite late yesterday.
So, no make up face with ordinary dressing.

After breakfast went to b's house to made soya.
Then we headed to Queensbay again.
Walked around and I did something embarrassing.
Sorry ya. >< style="color: rgb(153, 51, 153);" size="2">Lolx.

Time flies.
New semester are just around the corner.
So freaking worry of Friday which is the result slip collection day.
I hope I could pass my macro and personal management.
New semester, new life.
Throw off all the badly memory and start with a new memory card.
Ignore people's words as much as possible if not I will got in a crash again.
Study hard and finish my last year of diploma then I would graduate~

Where to go after diploma?

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