Mar 10, 2010

Hanging Out As Usual

Hi people, I am back again.
Vikram keep on chasing me when I am gonna upload our outing pictures.
Sorry ya boss, I am doing my job now. Haha~

Let's start off with Saturday(6th March).
Dating day as usual and we did not do much things on that day.
I was totally out of idea when people asking me where to go. =.=
Penang were so bored, no more place to go.
Saturday was a movie day for me.
Planned to watch BOOK OF ELI as many people giving it a good rate.

Denzel Washington was kinda cool in the movie but he doesn't speak much.
Mila Kunis was damn pretty!!!
Anyway, I was not a good movie. :(
Damn bored and the story line were so flat flat~
After the doomsday everyone killing each other just because of a bible. =.=
Denzel was the one who responsible to take the bible from east to west and bla bla bla.
Sounds similar to my secondary school history. Lame...
One word to describe the movie would be-西游记
Rate: ♥♥ /5

Met Xin Hui at Queensbay and having our lunch together with her parents.
Thanks ya for the lunch.

After that went to my bf's house and I was having UNO jenga with his nephew.
Is was been age I did not play this.
I miss that and I am going to buy one to play with my siblings.
We played for few rounds and I win for every round~ Woot~
The patience one will always be the winner in this games. :)
He blame me whenever I create an unstable central point of the jenga.

Hang out with bf's friends at night for some chit chat.
But we just went for awhile.

Sunday(7th March)-Outing with my boss and Sherry Teoh.
Sherry came picked me up and we met our boss at Winter Warmers.
Shit him bla on FB said that we don't late and it is OK if he late. =.=
End up, he was the one who's late.
At first we were planning to cheat him that we are going to be late and asked him to be waited inside.
Hah... You know what happen?
He insisted of waiting outside Winter Warmers rather than sitting inside alone.
You know why?
Because he said Winter was so girlish, only girls and ladies would come.

Drinks of the day.
My favorite always mix fruits cocktail.

Vikram's vanilla ice blended.

Sherry's don't know what rose what mix one.
Taste weird. Hmm...

He made me laugh and my ss photo become like this.

"Oh, girlish place~"

Actually he want me to take his photo very much eh...
Keep on pressing cell phone.
Rich people always deal with phone calls and sms... :P

Me and Sherry, the bestie ever.

After few hours we changed our location to Swensen and continue bla-ing.

It is good to have some ice cream during hot weather.
Anyway, I stil prefer Gelatissimo caramel ice cream. Slurp~

Taken by Vikram. Idk what was the purpose of taking this.

Then we went back on around 7.
Time for dinner~ :)

Tuesday(9th March)

Hang out with my bf as planned.
We went to Kim Gary for our brunch.
Planned to watch Alice in Wonderland at first, but only 3D available and all tickets were fully booked.
Then we changed to watch FROM PARIS WITH LOVE.

Overall the movie was nice to watch. :)
At least better than ELI.
This movie was talking about terrorist attack.
John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers was partner in the movie to preventing the terrorist attack.
So sweat lor, how come all the terrorist were Pakistanis and Arabian?
Rate: ♥♥♥♥ /5

After the movie, we went to aquarium to kill our boredom.
Are there any good place for us to go at Penang?
Any suggestion?
Bought some fishes back to my bf's house as his house aquarium only left one fish.
See, colorful fishes~
RM1.20 for each of them, cheap huh?
Anyway, it was so hard to catch our targeted fishes.
I was "Uh, this one meh? Eh, that one lah. No no no, this one this one"

Ohya, I got myself a chio pink nail polish.
The salesgirl keep on reminding me that was a purple but it still looked pinky no matter how.
See, my pinkish nail~ xoxo

I hoped everything will go on smoothly as planned. :)
Goodbye people.

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