Mar 18, 2010

A Day With The Spices

This post was about mine Tuesday. :)
An outing with my b again. ♥♥♥
School holiday now, everywhere were full of people.
So I planned up everything on Tuesday.
Not a very good idea but at least got place for us to go and spend our time.

We went to Amelie again for our brunch. :)

Loved the place. 3rd time been there.
It still early and we were the first customers.
Then we have to wait due to some ingredients haven't arrive yet.
So we played with the doggie while waiting.

Looking and waiting for female boss to come back.

I am not sure what is her name.
She was damn cute~
The chief told us she likes bread.
Casey also liked the mangkali bread.
She was damn excited and tension when the chief served me my mushroom soup with garlic bread.

Pair of Bling eyes.

This was the sympathetic way of her. Lolx.

The chief.

My banana lime juice.
Taste weird but nice~

B's tuna pasta. Yummy yummy~

Amelie's toast.
With yogurt and cinnamon on the top.
It is OK for me to have one slice, but not two.
The taste was too heavy to me.
A bit like J Co's yogurt.
I think some people might like it.

We spent quite some time over Amelie and yes they treated us like regular customers.

I am not sure anyone who read my post had already been there.
I know some of my friends are interested to go there.
However, Amelie cafe are going to have renovation start from next week.
The chief told me maybe would take 2 to 3 weeks.

Don't know how would it be like after renovation.
Can't wait for it. :)

After brunch we headed to Gurney to buy skin product.
Luckily I did buy the one recommended by Queensbay brunch.
My commitment still at Gurney brunch. :)
Finally got the serum from skinfood. Winks~

Next location-Spice Garden.
Hmm... I know it is a bored place I wanna to go there because I never been there before.
Not purposely go there to understand more about spices.
I went there with a thought of maybe that place was nice and we could have photoshoot inside. Lolx.
Not much local people would go there I guess.
Saw some group of ang mo inside with the tourist guide.

Hot day~

Can't see the pond clearly.
Anyway, it was a greenish pond. Nothing special.

There were little small fishes in the pond.

Leopard lover~

Bling bling mini water fall.

Swinging time~ :)
The swing was huge, can fit 4 shin's size.


Too hot inside.
Wanted to have nasi lemak as my lunch but we could not find any nasi lemak at that time.
So we went for MCD. :(
So fatty after a spicy chicken mc deluxe.
Met ah tu ah gao over there again.
They were so shitty! I can't even hear what had I spoken.
So embarrassing and we just went out.

Went to botanic garden to see orchids.
Hmm... Orchids...
First time using nikon for shooting.
Not really in good quality.
Here are some of the pictures.

Click here for more pictures.

Ohya, not to forget.
Today was one year after Uncle Sillan passed away.
So fast, one year passed.
Not too sad to talk about him again now. :)
His 1st year prayer will be fall on 5th April, 10a.m. at his house.
Anyone who knew him please pay a visit to the ceremony.

Lastly, wish he stay happily and pressure less together with God.

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