Mar 31, 2010


Hi people. I am back again.
Busying recently and I felt that 24 hours per day is just not enough for me. :(
So bad to say that my healthy condition was not so good recently.
Having pimples at my forehead which I rarely have and one even on my bottom lips.
I felt so awful and my lips was sensitive again. Argh!!!
Period just came yesterday and I got stomachache just now.
Still haven't eat anything yet since lunch and I don't have appetite at all. :(
Feeling cold for whole day no matter at where.
I think I should bring my jacket to class as it is raining season now or else I will fall sick.

Having a great weekdays with my friends and b. :)
The party was surprisingly successful.
I am not going to post anything about the party yet cause I am too lazy. Haha...
Busying with study recently and I found that I can't concentrate in the class.
Such a nut, Idk where my passion had flied away together with my heart.
I got to get back myself to the track or else I will get lost.

Ohya, I went for tarot card reading few days ago.
Lots of my friends asking me weather the reading was accurate or not.
So good that I heard the answer from tarot for my question. :)
And the answer is YES!!! Woots~
I was too happy and I hope my luck won't change until I graduate.
The reading was not bad and the divinator was very enthusiasm in explaining the cards to me. :)
She gave a lot of advice to me and she said my boy was good. Hahahaha.
Happy to hear that and she said he might be my future until I old. Wow~
I hope the prediction would come true.
I loved those prediction and I hope it would just happen in my life and make me to be the luckiest one.

I am still thinking about the reading until now.
Girls rarely can forget about the prediction.
B said I should stop thinking nonsense like what the divinator said. :P
Girls like to think and I likes to think too.
Of course I won't think everything in the bad way, but I think both good and bad.

45 minutes for the tarot reading and it cost RM30.
Not bad and I will definitely go back to her someday when I get lost.
It is so worthy cause she told me I would success. Woots~~~


Having my favorite teppanyaki yesterday at somewhere near Island Plaza.
I went there twice and I loved their foods.
So tasty and delicious.
However, the place is so hard to get parking and they only open for lunch and dinner hour.
We went early this time to grab our lunch.

The miso soup.
Taste nice for me as it is not salty like those Japanese restaurant sold.

Erm... Sorry for the food part because I was too busy for putting those licious into my mouth.
However, so sad to say that the food quality was dropped compare to last time.
Idk why and I was quite disappointed with the food this time.
I hoped they would do it better next time.

Tomorrow was April fool, have to be careful so that won't fool by people.
I hate it when I got fooled. =.=

I wanted to say happy birthday to our beloved friend-Yi Yun (YY)
Happy birthday girl and wish all your dream may come true. :)

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