Mar 21, 2010


New semester are going to start on tomorrow.
So lucky that I passed the two subjects in last semester. Woots~
College had offered us only 3 subjects in this long semester.
So I retake EBT in this semester. :)
I hoped I won't fail this time.
Felt sucks when the result slip told me you are fail. ;(

So damn bad lor.
I don't even know why I could fail EBT.
No idea no idea no idea.
I couldn't accept the fact when I received the result slip.
So sad and so down.
Yeah, I am not as strong as I expected.
I cried and I keep on thinking it for a week. Lolx.
I got no mood to do anything on that week. Hah...
My mum disappointed with me when she knew I failed.
Nothing else than sorry I could say to her.
But this time, I won't fail it again.
Definitely I would study hard, coloring my coursework do well in oral. :)

See, my shoes had been bling up.
RM10++ for these few blings. =.=
How come so expensive har? Can't we get RM1 per 100 blings?
Dreaming. zzz

I so damn hate shrew that shouting abuse in the street while she is the wrong doer.
So no standard and no culture.
So luckily, I just met one in this morning.
Actually she has been living as my neighbour for a year. Haha...
I got no idea how come people can be so ugly?
The story begin like this:
She was a economic rice seller and that was their family business too.
They cooked their foods behind the house which in an alley.
I never ever eat their foods neither buy.
They got no sense of hygiene that they put their big bucket of rice behind the bin.
So damn disgusting. Yew...

They used to throw, dump, pour whatever remnant, rubbish while cooking.
As the result, everything stuck in the drain and it cause pollution.
Today, the smell had become even worst.
My father talked to the women and requested them to flush all the remnant so that they won't stuck at there and turn into damn smelly drain.
Then the women turned into shrew and shouting abuse in the street.
She was the one who cause the pollution and yet she denied.

No morale shrew: That one is your drain and you expect me to clean for you ar?

Dad: You can't say like that, you flush everything here. You come and see, it is damn gross and smelly.

Stupid shrew: I got flush OK, that one is your house not my house. Nobody complaint so far, only you the one who complaint.
(Auntie, we so free ar after cook inside the house and open the door to poor oil or whatever into the drain and then claim that it is yours one?)

Dad: Very smelly OK. You have to make sure that the whatever inside the drain can flow smoothly so that all the rubbish won't stuck at there.

Shrew: What bla bla bla bla~
(Shouting abuse again)

She just don't understand.
She is so damn selfish. Doing whatever harmful just because of her business.
Then I told my dad in a normal tone.
People need to eat we no need to eat mah.
Then another neighbour come and told us don't complaint so much lah.
Everyone clean a bit will do lah. Don't argue.
Wahlao, people talked nicely to her and she shout like a shameless shrew.
Then my dad angry and told me just snap the drain picture and complaint to MPSP.

Then, she called her Indonesia maid to flush the road and drain with water.
Damn funny.
In Chinese there is always one sentence call 各人自扫门前雪,莫管他人瓦上霜
This is what exactly the shrew did.
I hoped they will flush cleanly every time after they pour whatever inside the drain.
Or else, they will going to get a summon.
So selfish!!!

Anyway, business man is always so selfish. WTF

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