Mar 5, 2010


I felt very hungry recently during bed time. T__T
My stomach will singing loudly while I am getting to my bed and Casey just looking at me like O.o.
I hate that kind of feeling which you have to eat after you brush teeth and rebrush it again after you eat.
I will not be so hardworking so basically I will just sleep and ignore the sound of rebel...
Yesterday I was being so clever that before I brush my teeth, I ate some biscuits and cup of milo. Haha...
Then my stomach stay quietly whole night.

Anyway, I can't eat much at one time like my hubby.
Sometimes I just couldn't even finish a plate of fried rice. =.=
Then he will be the one who clean all of them and that's the reason of gaining weight.
Actually it is kind of habit. Hmm...
Anyway, I want to continue the habit, it is good you know.
At least you won't have to try the feeling of over-fed, that feeling is so awful.
Lalala~ It is good to have this kind of habit although sound chao kuan.

Wearing fake eye lashes recently.
I know some people will like "Cheh, ma si fake eh" bla bla bla...
Don't care lah, they just won't understand what is the use of fake lashes.
It do helps me a lot.
It gives me double eyelid, make my eyes both in equal size which mean the same size, and of course, my eyes look bigger. Muahaha~

My hair looked longer in this angle. Woot~

Outing with my lord on Wednesday. :)
I miss him so much~
Luckily, everything went smoothly, seem like my lucky day. :P
I woke up on 8a.m. and my dear came at 9.30a.m.
Girls need time to dress up themselves OK...
One and the half hour are just perfect for me. :)

We headed to Alma there to have our fortune telling which I wanted for a very long time.
My dear was the regular over there.
Finally(Wakakakaka), we were the first one who arrive the temple.
While we were praying, there comes a van with 10 people.
I was liked OMG, don't you kidding with me, ME FIRST.
Luckily, the fortune teller asked me to go in first.Lalala~
My very first fortune telling, not include those telling by my dear.
Some of my friends might know that my dear know how to tell fortune. :)
Proud of him but he do not want to tell me mine. Bad...

After that we have our breakfast at 七廊果条汤, I only know the chinese name.
It is located somewhere near auto city.
I don't really like their foods but my lord haven't try it before.
So I suggested to go and have our breakfast over there.

The kuo tiao th'ng.

Chicken... So so only.
Actually I more prefer the kuo tiao th'ng at my house there.
It is so nice, and of course, nicer ever.
I don't like to eat kuo tiao th'ng normally as I thought it is for the people who sick.
I ordered the small one for myself and big one for my lord.
I could not even finish the small one. So damn bad...

After our breakfast we headed to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion.
I post a picture of it in case you guys will ask me wth is that.
I wanted to pay a visit to this building for a very long time.

However, I did not even step in this building.
Because the people who guide at the entrance told me please coma back at 3 o'clock and the time I arrived was 11a.m. plus.
I went back my house and checked on the VisitPenang flyer, it wrote open everyday from 11a.m. to 3p.m. except public holiday. wtf...
Then I read the R&G at the door there.
It said, NO photograph inside, special photograph would be arranged.
WTF!!! I am damn mad and I swore I will not come back for this building!
RM12 per person and no photographing?
Then you expect me to visit you for what? Siao ar...

They spoiled my mood. Mad...
Then we headed to Gurney for 72 tenants.
I tried to buy the tickets for few times but never success. Damn bad luck lor.
Now I got the chance to watch it and I was very happy. :)
I just watched the old version one during CNY.

Overall the story was quite interesting and funny.
Maybe I heard too much of good comments about it before I watch and I expect something more than that.
I will give ♥♥♥ /5.
Met my boss, Vikram at GSC after I came out from the cinema.

The plan after this was Amelie Cafe, located at Lebuh Armenian.

This place was damn cool~
I loved the environment and their foods.
A small cafe with everything handmade.
Today's special. :)

All these are so awesome~

Awwwww~ National geography~

They even have different design for each of the menu. :)
Tauke saw were so considerate and thoughtful.
This were our first time been to the cafe and she was suggested us to try something special which is not on the menu.
Thus, I got myself a chicken drumstick and pasta for my dear.

Everything was homemade. Trust me.
I was so shock when the owner made the pasta himself in front of us.
I thought he would like freeze all the pasta he made in the fridge and take it out to cook whenever customer order it.

Camwhored while waiting the foods to be ready.

Dear's watermelon juice. Fresh blended.

Then our mushroom soup. Taste yummy~
Nom nom nom.
That was my chocolate milk at the left, kinda special as it taste so different compare to others that I taste before.
The chef who is also the owner cut the leaf (Idk what it is) from the pot that hanging at outside while preparing this.
I was so wow~
This chef is so cool~

Idk what is this call and it is so yummy.
The outer layer of the drumstick was so crispy and juicy. :P
That was also their homemade bread.
They even sell the bread in package to customer.

Here comes the pasta.
Ok, sorry lah, I forgot its name.
It was nice and my dear loved it very much.

Overall the price were ok with the foods.
I am going to be their regular customer too.
I loved their foods. :)
Homemade makes me feel healthy.
But they got their disadvantage too.
Just one, not much. ><
Amelie Cafe don't have air conditioner. @.@!!
Anyway, it is tolerable as long as you don't go on noon, morning would be better I think.
I am so in loved with their foods~ Winks~

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